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JavaNet Internet Cafe


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

JavaNet will position itself as an upscale coffee house and Internet service provider. It will serve high-quality coffee and espresso specialty drinks at a competitive price. Due to the number of cafes in Eugene, it is important that JavaNet sets fair prices for its coffee. JavaNet will use advertising as its main source of promotion. Ads placed in The Register Guard, Eugene Weekly, and the Emerald will help build customer awareness. Accompanying the ad will be a coupon for a free hour of Internet travel. Furthermore, JavaNet will give away three free hours of Internet use to beginners who sign up for an introduction to the Internet workshop provided by JavaNet.

Sales Plan

As a retail establishment, JavaNet employs people to handle sales transactions. Computer literacy is a requirement for JavaNet employees. If an employee does not possess basic computer skills when they are hired, they are trained by our full-time technician. Our full-time technician is also available for customers in need of assistance. JavaNet’s commitment to friendly, helpful service is one of the key factors that distinguishes JavaNet from other Internet cafes.


Locations & Facilities

A site has been chosen at 10th and Oak in downtown Eugene. This site was chosen for various reasons, including:

  • Proximity to the downtown business community.
  • Proximity to trendy, upscale restaurants such as West Brothers.
  • Proximity to LTD’s Eugene Station. Parking availability.
  • Low cost rent – $.85 per square foot for 1700 square feet.
  • High visibility.

All of these qualities are consistent with JavaNet’s goal of providing a central hub of communication and socialization for the Eugene community.


JavaNet will invest in high-speed computers to provide its customers with a fast and efficient connection to the Internet. The computers will be reliable and fun to work with. JavaNet will continue to upgrade and modify the systems to stay current with communications technology. One of the main attractions associated with Internet cafes, is the state of the art equipment available for use. Not everyone has a Pentium PC in their home or office.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Business Plan
Mar 07, 2020
Secure Startup Funding
Apr 04, 2020
Site Selection
May 09, 2020
Architect Design
June 06, 2020
Designer Proposal
July 18, 2020
Technology Design
Aug 08, 2020
Year 1 Plan
Sept 05, 2020
Personnel Plan
Oct 10, 2020
Accounting Plan
Nov 07, 2020
Dec 12, 2020

Key Metrics

Our Key Metrics are: 

  • Sales, gross margin, operating profit, profit, cash flow, of course. 
  • Average sales per customer per month
  • Monthly subscribers 
  • Average time per customer session