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JavaNet Internet Cafe



Ownership & Structure

JavaNet is a privately held Oregon Limited Liability Corporation. Cale Bruckner, the founder of JavaNet, is the majority owner. Luke Walsh, Doug Wilson, and John Underwood, all hold minority stock positions as private investors.


Management Team

JavaNet is owned and operated by Mr. Cale Bruckner. The company, being small in nature, requires a simple organizational structure. Implementation of this organizational form calls for the owner, Mr. Bruckner, to make all of the major management decisions in addition to monitoring all other business activities.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Owner $57,600 $58,752 $59,927
Manager (0.78) $14,400 $48,000 $50,400
Technician $33,600 $34,272 $34,957
Part Time (6) $129,600 $132,192 $134,838
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