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jSpan Corporation

Company Summary

jSpan Corporation was formed as a C Corporation headquartered in the State of California. The two founders are currently the directors of the company and the majority shareholders. In addition to shares held by the founding partners a number of shares have been set aside to accommodate an employee incentive plan. Shares have been authorized, but are not yet issued, to accommodate future investors.

6.1 Professional Services

Additional professional services will be obtained, as necessary, from:

David Miller
Emerging Technologies Division
San Francisco Valley Bank

Albert Sharpe
Partner-In-Charge, Industry Services
Arthur Coopers L.L.P.

Michael Rodgers
Watson, Sonoma, Goodson & Rodgers

6.2 Board of Advisors

Joseph Addison, Co-Founder and CFO of, has extensive experience in the formation of new ventures. As a partner at Arthur Coopers L.L.P., Mr. Addison founded and served as the Director of the Entrepreneurial Services Group in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a Co-Founder and Limited Partner of Addison and Bates Ventures, a Sonoma based venture capital fund and serves as the Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco. Mr. Addison completed degrees at Penn State University and the Wharton School of Business.

James Smith, Vice President of Business Development for Exodus Networks, joined Exodus in October 1995. From July 1988 to October 1995, Mr. Smith held various positions at Next Computer, including Group Manager Product Marketing, Next On-Line Services Division, and Business Development Manager of Next On-Line Services Division. Mr. Smith has an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.

Michael M. Rodgers, Partner at Watson, Sonoma, Goodson & Rodgers, joined the firm in 1974. Mr. Rodgers serves as an advisor and board member for a wide variety of high-tech companies in the computer, semiconductor, entertainment, software, and biotech industries. Mr. Rodgers is the managing partner of MyMoney investments and specializes in corporate law as it relates to venture capital and the creation of high-technology companies. Mr. Rodgers completed his undergraduate degree at University of California-Los Angeles and his law degree at the University of California-Berkeley.

Peter J. Wilson, Director of Business Development at Advanced Network Communications, has both technical and business experience in the deployment of emerging broadband technologies. Prior to ANC, Mr. Wilson served as a Product Manager with Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Mr. Wilson also has experience at General Electric and American Power Conversion Inc. He completed his undergraduate degree at Cornell University and an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.

6.3 Management Team

In addition to the management team shown here, jSpan is actively seeking experienced management and additional technical specialists that are prepared to join the jSpan team once funding is secured.

John G. Millar, Co-Founder and CEO, has recent management experience as the Director of Business Development for Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC), a Redmond, WA based data management company. He also founded, and serves as a managing partner, the consulting firm of J.G. Millar & Associates. In addition to ADIC, Mr. Millar has worked with Rexon Corporation, Thomas-Conrad Inc. and American Power Conversion Corporation. He began his career as an engineer for Northrop Corporation where he led a software development project as part of the Advanced Tactical Fighter program. Mr. Millar completed an MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California-Berkeley and has both graduate and undergraduate degrees in engineering.

Kim Niquette, Co-Founder and CFO, has financial management and industry analysis experience with both Dodge & Cox Inc. and Barbary Coast Capital Management and extensive international experience in entrepreneurship. She also co-founded the consulting firm of J.G. Millar & Associates. Most recently, Ms. Niquette coordinated business development and credit programs for emerging economies in East Africa. Ms. Niquette has an undergraduate degree in Business and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California-Berkeley.

Norman Walters, COO, has over 25 years experience in operations and sales management in the high technology industry, most recently as the Vice President of Sales for IBM’s Internet division. Prior to his experience at IBM, Mr. Walters served as the President of Fairchild Semiconductor, a Vice President at StorageNow Inc., and as a consultant to numerous technology ventures. Mr. Walters completed a degree in Engineering at California State College and spent approximately 10 years as a practicing engineer.

Carlos Garcia, Technology Specialist, has software development and management experience with Sun Microsystems where he worked on JavaOS, HotJava Browsers, and Personal Java. Mr. Garcia also served as the Chief Technology Officer of Inc., a Bay Area start-up company and has additional experience with Amdahl Corporation and as a systems programmer for University of California-Santa Cruz. He completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science at University of California-Santa Cruz.

6.4 Long-term Plan

The nature of this business venture requires substantial initial investment and expenditure to build the service infrastructure and then build the client base. Tables and charts in this plan were extended to five years to show the projected break-even and profitability schedule.