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Sporting Goods Manufacturing icon Inline Skating Products Business Plan

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Pegasus Sports


Pegasus Sports International now offers several products:

  • The first product we have developed is BladeBoots™, a cover for the wheels and frame of in-line skates, which allow skaters to enter places that normally would not allow them in. BladeBoots™ come with a small pouch and belt which converts to a well-designed skate carrier.
  • The second product we have invented is our SkateSails. These sails are specifically designed for use while skating. Feedback that we have received from skaters indicate this could become a very popular sport. Trade marking this product is currently in progress.
  • The third product will be referred to as SkateAid and be in production by December.

Other ideas for products are under development, but we must hold back until we can protect ourselves through pending patent applications.

3.1 Product Description

We have two products now being marketed on our website with two more products to be introduced in the near future.

  • BladeBoots™ are made from Cordura, a nylon composite cloth that is extremely durable. BladeBoots enable the skater to enter places that normally don’t allow skates while wearing their skates. Our cost to manufacture is $10.00 per set, and they retail for $24.95 per set. The packaging is simple, inexpensive, elegant, and done in-house.
  • SkateSails are made of Dacron. The window of the sail is made of carbon fiber-reinforced Mylar. This product is an original concept and design. Our sails come with an Alpha design, known for being very stable and easy to use. We incorporated a swallow-tail design for better upwind performance, speed, and excellent maneuverability. We have a choice of three (3) beautiful colors. The manufacturing cost is $100 and retails for $350 to $500, depending on size.
  • We are developing SkateAids, a new product that we feel has a large potential for in this market. The estimated cost to manufacture each unit is $10. They will retail for $45.00. This product is in its advanced development stage so a pending patent and trademark have been applied for.
  • Our fourth product is a service: Skate Tours. We are currently working out details with Terry’s Cafe, a skate outlet shop on Santa Monica Beach, and a major skate manufacturer. This tour will take skaters out to sail with SkateSails.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Our products are unique in the existing skate accessory market. While there are other accessory companies, none produce products as versatile as ours. Our ideas come from listening to what other skaters have to say.

3.3 Sales Literature

For 1999, we are developing a company brochure which will include our products.

We are targeting our market by focusing on Internet sales. A large portion of our advertising budget will be used for Internet advertising such as banners and site-promoting services.

We also plan on a mass postcard mailing media blitz to skate shops and to advertise in most of the major in-line skate magazines by spring time.

3.4 Sourcing

Our Venice, California location is ideal, since Venice is considered the center and birthplace of roller skating. Major local skate shops in the area are now carrying our products.

Our supplier for Cordura is the major distributor on the West Coast. We have a supplier of Dacron (our sail cloth), and a source for aluminum.

All of our costs are at the manufacturer level, and the prices should drop as our production increases.

3.5 Technology

Pegasus Sports International is a progressive company that has been able to combine hi-tech materials and innovative ideas to produce new products with no present competition. We now have a trademark on BladeBoots™, and we are in the process of acquiring trademarks on our other products along with corresponding patents. Some of our hi-tech implementation will be more noticeable when we introduce our SkateAid. This product should make skating more comfortable due to the new chemical products. Our SkateSails are made of aircraft-quality aluminum, the lightest and strongest of sail materials.

We have already designed the next two generations of sails, and this should keep us ahead of any spin-off products that will try to copy us.

3.6 Future Products

We are constantly talking with skaters in order to develop unique products. We feel that the new products we are developing will be very useful, functional, and practical. There are a few more concepts on the drawing board. SkateAids, the newest one, will be in production by December of 1999. This product is being developed with the aid of a foot doctor who is also an avid skater.