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Sports icon Inline Hockey Service Business Plan

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The Skate Zone

Products and Services

League Fees
A person who will be involved in a practice or game will be subject to fill out an application form and pay a fee that will enable them to participate for one season of inline hockey. This fee will be broken down to pay charges incurred to USA Hockey Inline for insurance and regulatory practices. The application form that the individual will fill out will be utilized for databases to create marketing statistics and mailings for future enrollment.

The advantages to each person completing this form is to properly identify players, coaches, and referees. The idea of proper identification is to insure all players, coaches, and referees are taught and acknowledge the rules and regulations to guarantee safety requirements are met. The databases that are created will not only help in classifying each person, but will cut cost in future enrollment and placement.

The snack bar is an essential part of the entertainment and recreation industry. Concessions are considered one of the principal revenues, and will be key in providing maximum returns for the investor. There are varying degrees of concessions that can be offered. With modern technology, food items have become easier to prepare and serve without having the huge expense of kitchen appliances. This will allow The Skate Zone to offer a variety of foods and snacks without having certain licenses required to operate dining establishments.

The advantages to customers will be the convenience to purchase food and drinks without having to leave the establishment during any athletic event they are involved in. Some items that will be available to the public will include hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, candy, and tonic.

Professional Hockey Shop
The Skate Zone plans to respond to market needs with the addition of products customers can purchase. The company believes this operation will allow expedient access to merchandise both players and patrons require to enjoy optimum participation. This will also be considered another prevalent source of revenue to acquire maximum returns for the investor. Introduction of this service is expected to be within one year from the start of business.