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Sports icon Inline Hockey Service Business Plan

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The Skate Zone

Competitive Comparison

Competitive threats come from roller skating rinks and ice skating rinks. These companies are scattered throughout Miami.

Competitive Edge

The Skate Zone’s competitive advantages is its arena designed exclusively for inline hockey. Its size, dasher boards, and flooring give it the realism of true hockey play. Safety is considered priority one when insuring players and patrons are protected from injury or dangers. This is why The Skate Zone is taking every precaution in building a facility that centers itself on the sport of inline hockey.

The Skate Zone’s competitive advantages also include location and in-house facility. The company took demographics and several marketing strategies to find a location that showed prominent customers of all categories and potential growth in the future. The in-house playing field will allow comfortable play during all seasons without interruptions from rain, snow, sun, cold, or ice.