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Information Management Hawaii

Management Summary

Our management philosophy is simple and is an integral part of our values: doing right things right, the first time (Kina’ole).

IMH will be an employee-owned company and we all share the same vision of providing our clients (who in many cases are friends and neighbors) with the very best in customer service – period. We will encourage personal growth, creativity, and enable individual empowerment to achieve this goal. We will manage the business by setting achievable Balanced Scorecard goals, measuring them, and making mid-stream adjustments as necessary.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Our team includes 15 employees initially, and is organizationally flat. The departmental divisions are sales and marketing, service, and administration. Operational managers include:

  • President and General Manager: Oversees all operations, with primary responsibilities for sales and marketing. Functioning as the GM, this position will spend a good deal of time in the field assisting the Account Managers, and helping to build and maintain client relationships.
  • Secretary/Treasurer and Administrative Manager: Oversees all administrative functions including inventory, A/P and A/R, banking, HR, and vendor and manufacturer relations. Primary contact point for customer service issues and follow up. Will be assisted by an Office Manager in the Hilo branch.
  • Systems Manager (two positions – Big Island and Maui): Oversees all service issues including service agreements, service call prioritization and response, carry-in service, customer support, and systems training and development. Will be assisted by Systems Engineers, and Systems Technicians.

6.2 Personnel Plan

The total head count moving over from Servco at the time of the acquisition will be 13. We are adding two former employees at startup to round out our team, for a total startup head count of 15.

There are an additional six positions shown as “vacant” in the Personnel plan. During each quarterly business plan review, we will assess the need to fund these positions to sustain our growth, and more evenly distribute the workload.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Production Personnel
None planned $0 $0 $0
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $0 $0 $0
Sales and Marketing Personnel
Alan Fukuyama – Sales (Maui) $38,250 $40,545 $42,978
Brian Kurlansky – Sales (Kona) $38,250 $40,545 $42,978
Jay Moore – Sales (Maui) $38,250 $40,545 $42,978
Wilbert Shimabukuro – Sales (Hilo) $38,250 $40,545 $42,978
Vacant – Aftermarket Sales (Maui) $0 $0 $0
Vacant – Aftermarket Sales (Hilo) $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $153,000 $162,180 $171,911
General and Administrative Personnel
Bill Harding – General Manager $57,600 $61,056 $64,719
Laurie Watson – Admin Manager $45,600 $48,336 $51,236
Vacant – Office Manager (Hilo) $31,200 $33,072 $35,056
Vacant – Whse & Delivery (Maui) $0 $0 $0
Vacant – Whse & Delivery (Hilo) $0 $0 $0
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $134,400 $142,464 $151,012
Other Personnel
Earle Oshiro – Systems Manager (Hilo) $49,800 $52,788 $55,955
Joe Alfonsi – Systems Manager (Maui) $49,800 $52,788 $55,955
Wane Ogawa – Syst Engineer (Hilo) $39,600 $41,976 $44,495
Francis Takahashi – Syst Engineer (Hilo) $39,600 $41,976 $44,495
Baron Ganeko – Syst Engineer (Kona) $39,600 $41,976 $44,495
Abe Braceros – Sr. Syst Engineer (Maui) $41,100 $43,566 $46,180
Arlo Villanueva – Syst Tech (Maui) $28,800 $30,528 $32,360
Caroline Nacua – Syst Tech (Maui) $28,800 $30,528 $32,360
Vacant – Syst Tech (Kona) $0 $0 $0
Vacant – Syst Tech (Maui) $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $317,100 $336,126 $356,294
Total People 15 15 15
Total Payroll $604,500 $640,770 $679,216

6.3 Management Team

Bill Harding, president and general manager: XX years old, and has lived on Maui for 43 years. Joined SIOT in 1998 as Maui branch manager, and became general manager for Neighbor Island operations six months later. Prior management experience includes: BTA market manager of the Neighbor Islands for VoiceStream Wireless, Neighbor Island area sales manager for Central Security Systems, and radar project manager for Telcom International in Nigeria, West Africa. Bill has attended numerous management and sales training courses and seminars throughout his career.

Laurie Watson, secretary/treasurer and administrative manager: XX years old, and local Maui resident. Has been at the same location through three different owners prior to Servco’s acquisition of The Office Place in 1995, for a total of 15 years of local office equipment industry experience. Laurie has extensive knowledge of service procedures and dispatching, A/R and A/P procedures, inventory control and tracking, as well as an intimate knowledge of our customer base. Her experience and knowledge will be invaluable in recovering our customer base, and in growing the business.

Anne Tioganco, office manager (Hilo): XX years old, and local Hilo resident. Anne has also been with the company through all of the acquisitions, and has XX years experience in the office equipment industry. She will assist Laurie by handling the administrative and customer service tasks for our Hilo branch, and will be instrumental in our Big Island customer recovery efforts.

Earle Oshiro, systems manager (Big Island): XX years old, and local Hilo resident. Like Laurie and Anne above, Earle has been with the company through four different owners, and has XX years of local office equipment service management experience. Earle has also completed Canon’s “train the trainer” course, and will be a great asset in the on-going training and development of our systems engineers and technicians.

Joseph Alfonsi, systems manager (Maui): XX years old, and local Maui resident. Joe joined the Maui branch of SIOT in 1999 as field service manager, after transferring from the SIOT Honolulu branch. He has XX years of local office equipment industry service experience, and is familiar with both Canon and Ricoh products. Joe is an asset to the Maui team, and has outstanding customer service skills.

6.4 Management Team Gaps

We believe we have a good team for covering the main points of the business plan. Key members have the experience and knowledge to manage and grow the business, and are highly motivated by the employee-owner concept.

The obvious management gap is a plan to fill the general manager’s position at some point in the future, before the current GM reaches retirement age. As an employee-owned company, the preferred strategy will be to promote from within, and fill vacancies as they occur. As the company grows, we will seek out additional talent in all operational areas.