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Sports icon Indoor Soccer Facility Business Plan

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Dribbling Indoor Soccer

Management Summary

Les and Noh Klew will manage the day-to-day operations of Dribbling Indoor Soccer.  Both Les and Noh are considered very people-oriented and excellent supervisors of staff.  They are familiar with every aspect of the sport and both are certified to serve as officials for indoor soccer games.   

Les has been instrumental in the popularity of soccer in Wingback County.  He was a founding member of the Wingback County Soccer Council.  At the time there was only a handful of people interested in sport.  Over the next five years of his leadership, the Council acquired a budget of $200,000, a staff of six and became the major catalyst for the city’s new outdoor soccer facility which will be hosting this year’s Region 2 regional competition.   

Noh was also an important influence in the development of soccer in Wingback County.  Noh served as the Council’s marketing and fundraising coordinator for six years.  She increased donations by 15% each year over that period of time.  She established the Council’s marketing campaign to increase youth and adult soccer teams in Wingback County.   

6.1 Personnel Plan

The personnel of Dribbling Indoor Soccer are as follows:

  • Manager (Klew, Les);
  • Asst manager (Noh Klew);
  • Senior staff (2);
  • Staff (2);
  • Store staff person (1);
  • Cafe staff (2).

A janitorial service will be contracted to clean the facility.   

Clinic coaches will be hired, short term, as needed and paid out of clinic receipts.   

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager – Klew, Les $33,600 $36,000 $38,000
Asst. Manager – Noh Klew $33,600 $36,000 $38,000
Senior Staff $52,800 $55,000 $57,000
Staff Members $46,800 $48,000 $50,000
Soccer Store Staff Person $19,200 $21,000 $23,000
Cafe Staff $28,800 $31,000 $34,000
Total People 7 7 7
Total Payroll $214,800 $227,000 $240,000