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Visigoth Imports Inc


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Visigoth intends to leverage its contacts with the Leavenworth city council and the Puget Consumers Co-op in order to draw in new clients. The city council works very closely with local businesses in facilitating all aspects of business management in order to keep tourism flowing. Because of this, Visigoth has already signed contracts with nine Leavenworth businesses and we expect to gain a dominant market share within the town.

The PCC will be recommending Visigoth Imports, Inc. to its new farmers as long as we can keep shipping costs within accepted limits. Therefore we expect to have a large proportion of member farmers use our services.

Sales Plan

Visigoth intends to develop sales by establishing close contact with potential clients. We will begin by offering a free consultation in terms of overall cost, service, and delivery. In addition, we intend to promote our management team’s extensive experience both with German gift manufacturers and artisans, and our knowledge of the produce trade environment to draw in our target market segments.



Visigoth offers complete import/export brokerage services plus inventory consulting services. As mentioned previously, this includes the following:

  • Supplier/buyer identification
  • Purchasing process contracting and consulting
  • Shipping setup
  • Warehousing arrangements
  • Delivery

It must be noted that Visigoth does not posess any warehousing facilities and intends to outsource this particular service.This means that we will have virtually no variable costs associated with unit sales.

Visigoth will be importing such things as steins, figurines, Christmas gifts, germanic foodstuffs, cuckoo clocks, and nutcrackers from Germany, where Mr. Curtiss has had extensive experience. In addition Visigoth will be importing Scandinavian wool products such as sweaters and other gift items. 

The company will be exporting produce, primarily apples, to Europe.

Our revenue model is based on a commission rate charged to our clients scaled on the dollar value of goods moved per order.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Q1 Review
Mar 06, 2018
Q2 Review
June 06, 2018
Q3 Review
Sept 13, 2018
Q4 Review
Dec 13, 2018

Key metrics

Our key metrics are: 

  • monitor tweets and retweets to measure long term customer relationships 
  • # of reviews 
  • # of returning customers 
  • # of our most popular products