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CoolScoops Ice Cream

Executive Summary

CoolScoops Ice Cream is an artisanal ice cream shop dedicated to enriching the community with unique, high-quality ice cream flavors made from locally sourced ingredients. Our shop serves as a vibrant gathering place for friends and families, promoting a sense of community through delicious treats, local art, and collaborative events.

Company Purpose / Mission Statement

To provide a memorable ice cream experience by offering an array of artisanal flavors, fostering community connections, and supporting local suppliers, all within a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere.

Problem We Solve

The saturation of the ice cream market with mass-produced flavors leaves consumers yearning for novel, quality options and a more engaging, personalized ice cream experience.

Our Solution

CoolScoops differentiates itself with a diverse menu of handmade, artisanal ice cream, including options for vegan and gluten-free diets. We prioritize local ingredients, enhancing both taste and community economic health. Our store is a hub for local events, art showcases, and collaborations, creating a strong community bond.

Target Market

We cater to a wide audience, including families, young adults, and health-conscious individuals seeking premium, artisanal ice cream. Our inclusive menu ensures there’s something for everyone, making CoolScoops a destination for diverse tastes.


The team is led by an Owner/Operator with a passion for ice cream and community engagement, supported by a Store Manager who ensures operational excellence, and a Marketing Coordinator who drives brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Financial Summary

CoolScoops aims for steady growth, with year-on-year revenue increases from $200,000 in Year 1 to $320,000 by Year 3, and profits growing from $20,000 to $100,000 in the same period.

Funding Needed

An initial investment of $150,000 is needed to secure and renovate our shop location, purchase initial inventory and equipment, and fund early marketing efforts to build brand presence.

Products & Services

Problem Worth Solving

The community’s craving for unique, artisanal ice cream experiences, supported by local economies and integrated into communal activities.

Our Solution

A rotating selection of artisanal ice creams, including diet-specific options, leveraging local, high-quality ingredients, and serving as a catalyst for community events and collaborations.

Target Market

Market Size & Segments

Our primary audience spans across age groups with a special focus on artisanal product enthusiasts and those engaged in community activities.


Current Alternatives

  • National ice cream franchises
  • Local dessert parlors
  • Supermarket offerings

Our Advantages

CoolScoops stands out through its commitment to local sourcing, artisanal quality, and active community participation, creating a unique space that transcends traditional ice cream shops.

Marketing & Sales

Market Positioning

As a premium artisanal ice cream shop, CoolScoops is positioned as the go-to destination for unique flavors and community engagement, distinguishing us from conventional options.

Unique Value Proposition

Our unique approach combines exceptional, locally sourced ice cream with a strong commitment to community building, setting us apart in the marketplace.


Location & Facilities

Our flagship location is designed to be an inviting space that encourages community interaction, equipped with state-of-the-art ice cream making facilities.


We embrace modern technology for efficient operations, including an online ordering system for pickup and local delivery, and a dynamic social media presence for engagement and promotion.

Milestones and Metrics


  • Launch in Summer 2024
  • Introduce seasonal flavors in Fall 2024
  • Start online ordering in Winter 2024
  • Sponsor our first community event in Spring 2025
  • Open a second location by Summer 2026

Company Overview and Team

Organizational Structure

CoolScoops is led by a dedicated team focused on delivering high-quality products and fostering community connections, with clear roles aligned with our mission.

Financial Plan and Forecast

Projected Profit and Loss


Year 1: $200,000

Year 2: $260,000

Year 3: $320,000


Year 1: $180,000

Year 2: $200,000

Year 3: $220,000


Year 1: $20,000

Year 2: $60,000

Year 3: $100,000


Additional details, including flavor menus, supplier partnerships, and community event plans.