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Bionex Corporation

Products and Services

Bionex Corporation will initially market, license and retail three distinct products supporting our Exigency technology.

  • Xenasys – Licensed technology primarily for use in credit card and financial transactions. Unique algorithmic data, specific to each cardholder based on points collected from a fingerprint, are captured, extracted, and referenced at point of sale with existing algorithms preserved on card, and ultimately confirming or declining identification of cardholder within seconds.
  • Xenavex – Biometrically enhanced identification systems, protected by combining Exigency technology with potent Smart Cards  which are implanted into the grain of the paper upon issuance; when scanned by a biometric station, the platform will transmit confirmation of identity, status, and pertinent records against the biometric and algorithmic data of individual.
  • BioXen Devices – Small, portable biometric devices in the form of adapters and keyboards  to facilitate biometric transactions and verification on computers, phones, and electronic devices. These devices will be available for retail consumption for users seeking cost effective data security. These devices will also be available as permanent installation, or on-board solutions, for companies and governments through lease arrangements.
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