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Human Capital Maximizers

Management Summary

Major Adversity, the founder and owner received his undergraduate degree in marketing from Reed College.  After completing college Major recognized that he would eventually need to go to graduate school but was not ready to yet. 

Major worked in a large bicycle store for four years after college.  Major started out as a mechanic but quickly moved up to manager where he was responsible for much of the operation.  Some of the new responsibilities that Major enjoyed was the interviewing, selection & hiring, compensation, and employee relations.  After fours years in the bike shop Major was looking for a new challenge so he entered the University of Portland to pursue his MBA. 

Major received his MBA within two years and went to work for Nike out of school in their HR department.  After a year and half Major left Nike to work for a HR consultancy boutique that worked primarily with technology companies, many of them start ups.  Major enjoyed this thoroughly because of the dynamic environment that his clients worked in.  Major stayed with this firm for a total of four years.  

Toward the end of Major’s four years he got married and his wife, as a professional, was contributing large amounts of salary to the household.  This led Major to consider opening his own HR consultancy because he would be able to undertake some risk since the household was supported to a large degree by his wife.  Additionally, Major was could consider taking equity as compensation because a monthly salary was not a necessity.

7.1 Personnel Plan

Major will work full time for Human Capital Maximizers.  By month six Major will have developed more work than he will be able to manage himself and he will hire an additional HR consultant to help him out.  The employee will receive a straight salary and will have no future equity options in the client’s companies.  This employee will be given HR projects and will do the research and sometimes present the findings to the client, other times will allow Major to present to the client.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Major $24,000 $24,000 $24,000
Full time employee $24,500 $42,000 $42,000
Total People 2 2 2
Total Payroll $48,500 $66,000 $66,000