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Houses on the Lake

Web Plan Summary

The website for Houses On The Lake will offer a great deal of information both for potential renters/vacationers and for houseboat owners interested in supplying their houseboats to the company. The site will inform these parties about the offering of Houses On The Lake and availability of boats and allow them to move forward by using a simple reservation form to make reservations online.

Website Marketing Strategy

The website will target young couples and families interested in Lake Shasta vacations and current houseboat owners on Lake Shasta. The site will be marketed through the following tactics:

  • Banner ads on travel-related websites
  • Google AdWords text ads
  • Listing in houseboat rental databases for Lake Shasta
  • Search engine optimization undertaken by the initial Web developer and an ongoing SEO firm

Development Requirements

The website will provide the following information:

  • Services offered by Houses On The Lake for renters (descriptions and photos)
  • Basic Rates
  • Activities on Lake Shasta (links, photos and more information)
  • Contact information (email only as phone is withheld to reduce time spent on phone by Hopkins)
  • About Us – Robert Hopkins background, business values, vision
  • Services for houseboat owners (moorage, revenue sharing, maintenance, etc.)
  • Policies and procedures for rental
  • FAQs – How to pack, details on other rules, etc.
  • Availability Calendar (updated by Robert Hopkins as rentals are entered into and owners reserve the boats)
  • Reservation request form (with credit card payment)

All copy will be produced by Robert Hopkins and the coding and design of the website will be through a Web design firm for $5,000.