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Houses on the Lake

Management Summary

Houses On The Lake will be directed and managed by Robert Hopkins. He will be personally responsible for sales and marketing (working with designers where necessary), provide all copy for ads, the website, and brochures, and the launch of the business. Robert will sell additional services to renters who arrive and personally greet them all to find out how he can help them with recommendations.

Hopkins will also run operations. Specifically, he will run the marina, provide renter orientations and support, schedule and supervise boat cleanings by a contracted cleaning service, repair, and maintenance. He will establish operations procedures and renter policies and procedures.

Hopkins will work out of the office at the marina which will be equipped with a phone, computer with Internet, cash register, and credit card reader.

Personnel Plan

Boating assistants will be hired for the second summer. Before that point, Hopkins will fulfill their role of supporting the renters during their stays. One boating assistant will be brought on for the second summer and two for the third summer. The boating assistants will not work year-round, but will work from June to August to handle the peak season.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Robert Hopkins $60,000 $69,000 $79,350
Boat Assistants $0 $12,000 $24,000
Total People 1 2 3
Total Payroll $60,000 $81,000 $103,350