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Ereidi Farm

Web Plan Summary

The owner of Ereidi Farm built and maintains the farm’s website.  The site was created to provide an Internet presence that represented the farm through digital images and text.  Our farm site provides the viewer with actual images of the horses in our care and gives them a visual comparison, easily accessible when they are shopping for services.

The text gives us the opportunity to share our philosophy on horse care and condition plus supporting our sales photographs.  Ereidi Farm has attracted new clients through its website.  Due to our viewing audience, construction was done with overall ease of use in mind.  We plan on adding digital video to the site in early fall of 2003, just in time for the sales and training seasons.  Our Web address is:  – Welcome!

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

As our expansion occurs, the search engines will be reviewed and updated as will direct links to our site from other targeted sites.  As viewers visit our site, their addresses will be utilized on our e-mail direct mail list.

All print advertising will feature the Web address as will all communications.