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GFX: Gravestat Farm eXchange

Management Summary

GFX will be co-managed by Edward A, and Leanna F, Graves; husband & wife, and co-owners of GFX. The combination of our talents and experience is one of the key assets to GFX.

Edward A. Graves. Successful 20 year career in sales, marketing, distribution management, operational management, and senior management culminating in current position as manager of U.S. fax sales and operations for Esker, S.A., an international software development company with projected 2000 sales of $47,000,000. In pursuit of this GFX business opportunity, tendered resignation with Esker, S.A. effective May 19, 2000 … much to the regret of Esker. GFX role: director of business affairs.

Leanna F. Graves. Partner in all home and business affairs. Has developed an extraordinary knowledge and experience base regarding all aspects of the horse. Exhibits exceptional expertise in: breeds, breeding, bloodline, medical care, conformation, desirability, marketability, training, and personality traits of the horse. GFX role: director of equine affairs.

GFX is in the horse business. Leanna is an expert in horses, Edward is an expert in business. The combination yields an extremely solid management team!

6.1 Management Team Gaps

The only significant weakness in the GFX management team lies in financial analysis and accounting principles. We intend to address these critical issues in the following ways:

  • Continued business relationship with Ron Lamb, CPA, located in Cushing, Oklahoma, to provide accounting services and financial counseling. Ron has handled our financial affairs for over five years and has an in-depth knowledge and historical perspective on our financial needs and goals.
  • Personal study in financial analysis and basic accounting principles.
  • Identification of, and participation in, local seminars and/or classes in financial analysis and accounting principles.