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Grapevine Country Gift's product line is extensive. We offer basically the entire Spoontiques vendor catalog of several thousand items, although we concentrate on several popular designs of Pin Art, Ear Art, step stones, and other unique items. Artistic Gifts has many designs of art glass in seven sizes, most of which are featured on the Web store.  Because of the large quantity of items and styles, it is not feasible to inventory all products; our website features those products we know to be bestsellers. However, any of these items can be purchased from Grapevine Country by special order, either at shows, by phone, or online.  Artistic Gifts will drop-ship for a nominal fee.  

Because of the relatively long lead time between a customer's order, arrival of the goods and subsequent shipment to the customer, Grapevine Country has found that certain items maintain a marked popularity and we stock these items ready for immediate shipment.  Wholesale value of inventory is approximately $6,000 at any given time. G-T Enterprises constantly searches for unique products that will offer value, fun, and appeal based on interests shown at shows and search strings in the Web store statistics.

Our products focus on personal style and interests. Spoontiques Pin Art and Ear Art are novel theme-based designs that excite buyers to purchase either for themselves or as gifts for someone else. The monkey and moose earrings are bestsellers, with anything in frogs or cats following closely. Our secondary product lines change as we find exceptional values. Summer show products are concentrated on products for the entire family and children as well as the home and garden décor and personal gifts.

Grapevine Country Gifts home, garden gifts online business plan products. Grapevine Country Gifts offers home and garden accessories online and at local craft shows. The owner is seeking funding to renovate her storage space for inventory management.