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Inspection Connection

Web Plan Summary

The domain name is [Proprietary and Confidential Information Removed]. The site will contain information about the Owner, information about services offered and general information and links applicable to every homeowner. In the future, the website may offer online scheduling of services. The site will be designed to be Browser Independent and will be easy to navigate. The intent is to offer useful information and links for home owners so that they have a reason to visit the site even if they are not requesting services.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The Website Marketing strategy is as follows:

  • Design the site to be Browser Independent so that anyone can view the content without downloading plug-ins or changing browsers
  • Maintain useful content and links that will invite people to the site even if they are not currently in need of services offered by Inspection Connection
  • Structure the content, and change the content frequently, so that search engine “Web crawlers” will rank the site within the top ten based on useful content and linking
  • Possibly offer an online scheduling system in the future, giving Inspection Connection an additional competitive edge

6.2 Development Requirements

The site will be designed by a reputable Web design firm. The focus will be on designing a Browser Independent site completely free of requests for the user to download plug-in components in order to view the content. The layout will be simple, and information will be abundant but well organized. There will be limited use of databases for storing content and generating dynamic content. MySQL will be used as the database engine where needed.  The site will not track users on an individual basis and will not customize the content based on the user.  Site development is estimated to take 3 months. An additional  6 months will be required to build the scheduling application.