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Wheatland Health Services


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Marketing our service-oriented business requires establishing a reputation for expertise and excellence. It starts with our known contacts who are in positions to recommend us and make referrals to us, and continues with long-term efforts to develop recognition among other professionals within the health care and social service fields.

We will develop and maintain a database of our contacts in the field. Ms. Walker is already well-known to physicians, other nurses and hospital facilities in our market area, and will work to maintain those relationships throughout our start-up process. Ms. Patzer will make initial contacts in the community as she establishes the business entity and provider status with Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies and local attorneys. She will then join Ms. Walker in an effort to introduce Wheatland Health Services to area professionals who are potential referral sources. Our communications will be professional, as will our marketing tools such as brochures, business cards, and advertisements.

Sales Plan

Sales in our business means quality patient service and utmost satisfaction from referring physicians and health care facilities. It is perpetual business. One doesn’t sell home health care and personal injury case management; rather one sells excellent care, availability, and effective interpersonal relationships.

In a service industry, growth can mean loss of quality control, which in turn leads to client dissatisfaction. The services we provide should always reflect the mission and oversight of management. We want our clients to know that the quality of service they receive will be excellent, regardless of the individual service provider performing the service.

We will therefore avoid the temptation to broaden the scope of our services too quickly. Rather, we will focus our immediate attentions on making the services we offer of the highest possible quality. Only when those services are well-established and grounded in excellence will we consider expanding our service base.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Site Survey
Mar 06, 2020
Develop/Finalize all forms, procedures, employment contracts
Apr 10, 2020
Attorney Draws up LLC
July 11, 2020
Verify Budget
Aug 01, 2020
Tax Advise for Tax ID
Sept 01, 2020
Identify Office Location
Sept 12, 2020
Insurance Application
Oct 03, 2020
Apply for Bank Loans
Nov 01, 2020
Apply for bank loan
Nov 21, 2020
Finalize lease
Nov 29, 2020
Move In to offices
Jan 09, 2021
Apply for all Provider Numbers
Apr 24, 2021
Hold First All Staff Meeting
June 05, 2021

Key Metrics

Our key metrics are: 

  • 125 Home Health Care patients served by the end of first year.
  • 12 Personal Injury Case Management Clients served by the end of first year.
  • Respectable gross sales by the end of first year.
  • 80% of Customer Satisfaction Surveys returned indicating satisfaction with services.
  • # of facebook page views and website links