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Wheatland Health Services



Ownership & Structure

Wheatland Health Services is a limited liability company owned and operated by Elizabeth G. Patzer, MSW/MPA and Marlon B. Patzer, M.S./M.Ed.


Management Team

Wheatland Health Services’ initial team will consist of one Administrative Director, one Clinical Director, three employees and a contracted agency to fulfill the need for Physical Therapists,  Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. Initially, both managers will also provide direct service. Elizabeth Patzer is a licensed social worker and will provide all social work services during the start-up stage of the business. She will also provide all administrative direction and will perform most of the administrative functions with assistance from an Administrative Assistant. Kellene Walker is a registered nurse and has experience as a Skilled Nurse and Director of Nursing for a Home Health Agency. She will also provide direct nursing services during the initial stages of the business, as well as supervising the nursing staff. As the need for service providers grows, both managers will assume primary roles in management and will delegate direct service to employees.

Wheatland Health Services has no current management or personnel gaps; our plan provides for hiring service providers only as growth demands. Job descriptions have been written for each position and we will develop an employee handbook prior to our Start Date. 

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Clinical Director $57,600 $58,752 $59,927
Admin Assistant $24,000 $24,480 $24,970
Skilled Nurse (0.94) $40,000 $42,000 $44,000
Nurses Aide $33,600 $34,272 $34,957
Social Services $30,000 $30,600 $31,212