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JTB Technologies

Products and Services

Over the last five years, Rachel and Mitchell Jeremy have been focusing on customer relation management issues pertaining specifically to how small- to medium-sized industrial distributors, manufacturers, and service related industries interact with their clients via the Internet. For many years, we have also seen a niche in helping the above-mentioned businesses with their product presentations, internal customer management, and external job costing.

One primary objective is to develop P.C.-based marketing and order processing systems, that allow compatibility with our clients’ existing accounting systems. When completed, their sales and order processing will be available online, and function as it did internally without interruption. In many cases, larger corporations are providing EDI services; with high end software and servers in place, these businesses can easily extend larger clients Inventory, Order Tracking, and Engineering Information. Our objective is to bring our version to market, making it possible for the smaller corporations to participate in larger contract bids.

JTB Technologies is a holding company for the following three sub-corporations:

A. JTB Industrial Sales Division (Sales and Distribution)

Providing Industrial clients with specialty technical services:

  • Specialty Engineering to reduce the clients production costs through new Tool Applications.
  • Reselling quality Industrial products to fulfill clients engineered production needs.
  • Contract Bid services, and Contract Servicing.

B. JTB Products and Services Division (Engineering and Manufacturing)

  • Manufacturing patented products from the JTB line of Automotive Tool products.
  • JTB’s – Max-Drill line of specialty hole producing cutting tools.
  • JTB’s – Max-Kut Commercial waterline hole cutting tools.
  • JTB’s – Maxi-Kut Insert style drill system for the Sports service Industry.
  • Providing reconditioning for the JTB Commercial hole cutter line.
  • Providing reconditioning for the JTB drill system for the Sports service Industry. 

C. JTB Integrated Technologies (Marketing Technologies)

  • Developing Purchasing and Vendor management software.
  • Supporting and Hosting of the JTB Server Software Applications.
  • Web Portal Development, Industrial Web Site Development.

3.1 Product and Service Description

JTB Industrial Sales Division (Sales and Distribution)
The Industrial Sales Division provides the corporation with the reseller status necessary to participate in regional distribution and products support of the industrial sales division’s intended product lines. As a distributor with experienced engineering skills, the industrial sales division can also work closely with customers, providing expertise in manufacturing and outsourcing.

  • Industrial and Commercial Tools and related products and services.
  • Multiple catalog resale program of up to 300,000 products
  • Safety products, Raw materials such as metals and hard metal products, and MRO maintenance repair items
  • Specialty made to print items: machined components, items requiring project management and sub-contracted items.

JTB Products and Services Division (Engineering and Manufacturing)
The Products and Services Division provides the corporation with a stable base of our own products, and further utilizes the equipment with a full array of services to back up our product offering, and the products offered by the industrial sales division, as well. 

  • Manufacturing of patented products from the JTB line of Automotive Tool products.
  • Manufacturing of patented JTB – Max-Drill commercial waterline hole cutting tools.
  • Manufacturing of patented JTB – Max-Kut Insert style drill system for the Sports service Industry.
  • Providing reconditioning for the Max-Kut Commercial hole cutter line.
  • Providing reconditioning for the Max-Kut drill system for the Sports service Industry.
  • Providing reconditioning of industrial tools sold by JTB’s Industrial Sales Division.

JTB Integrated Technologies (Marketing Technologies)
The Integrated Technologies Division will provide the corporation with profitable, internet-based marketing media and specially-developed business-growth applications, to create a unique customer service environment. All of the developed applications will be licensed for resale to individual businesses, and web developers. The division will also develop specialty applications to unite groups of businesses to provide larger clients with a strong systems-contract-style of purchasing.

  • Web Content
  • Industra – Industrial and commercial website system.
  • Industrial search engine technology.
  • Industrial and Commercial Web development.
  • Industrial and Commercial Hosting and Marketing support.
  • Data management applications.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

We have a unique advantage in our combination of complimentary sub-corporations. Management has acquired a very unique skills set when it comes to its business perspective and interests. The unique combination of I.T., Distribution, and Manufacturing provides for a unsurpassed test environment which gives the marketing department an almost instant feel for which avenues of marketing work and how they are performing.

JTB’s Industrial Sales Division will purchase goods and services for resale from many sources throughout the U.S. Our distributor relationships with our suppliers will be a key factor in our sales process. Our many years of machining and engineering background will lend credibility to our sales process. An order could be as simple as filling a customer requirement for a specified manufacturer’s EDP number, to getting faxes with requests to provide specialty tools for the manufacturer, so they can complete their manufacturing process.

JTB’s internally manufactured products are developed to perform better than the competition.  Our products are developed with the goal of providing our clients a good, value-based purchase that will help them be more profitable in their day-to-day operations. Our commitment to high quality and consistency in our products and services is what sets us apart from others.

3.3 Fulfillment

In addition to direct reselling of products from affiliated manufacturers, our mix of nearly 300,000 industrial and safety products available through our catalog will allow us to compete against the much larger catalog suppliers.

JTB Products and Services fulfillment process includes developing our own product offering combined with well-managed secondary services which compliment our products, and post-sales services for the industrial sales division’s clientele as well.

JTB’s Integrated Technologies Division will fulfill its clients’ needs by developing its own media to support our Web-based products. This media will handle customer support and download capabilities for clients to access our products. Boxed CD versions of our products will be available in our inventory, and shipped as needed. Further fulfillment comes when our staff, or an outsourced engineer, travels to a client to make a hardware or software installation.

3.4 Technology

Computer-Controlled Equipment
With the proper mix of equipment, JTB can work as both a manufacturer and a service provider, repairing its own products, and it’s competitors products as well. Additionally, the equipment gives the business an opportunity to sell itself at the production managers level, as well as at the shop level, forging solid ties with production and engineering managers.

P.C.-based business applications
JTB will develop its own P.C.-based sales and marketing help systems for its employees to use during the sales process. Our applications will have extensions to our Internet sites to aid the customer relations and sales process. Our goal is to have extensive in-house Web development capabilities via our Integrated Technologies Division. Additional plans include multiple industrial portals for our advertising needs, and custom sales applications for licensing.

3-D Prototype Technology
Our prototype service will be handled via the Internet. A client sends a CAD file to our secure dedicated servers, we download the CAD file into the 3-D prototype equipment, and the process of developing a tangible prototype begins. This new technology actually builds a 3-dimensional model of the customer’s intended part; depending on the material, some components are durable enough for field test-fitting. This type of technology will bring JTB much closer to the Aerospace and Automotive industry. This process can also help JTB develop additional products for different markets.

3.5 Future Products and Services

JTB will do what comes naturally to us as we build our marketplace. We will methodically seek out additional products to match our customers requirements while working closely on customer applications to provide our clients with a better overall result in their manufacturing process. Through carefull analysis and testing at our location we will add target market solutions new clients will benefit from.

In particular, we will add products to complement our own lines, and develop a sales strategy around each product. The additional products and services will likely come from our distributor partners as they will be hand picked for their strengths, allowing us to develop high- quality product and service offerings. Our distributor partners can also produce additional private label products for us to incorporate into our lines without adding additional equipment and internal overhead.

Further development on this strategy will come from our engineering software applications; co-developed by our Integrated Technologies Division, these applications will allow us to work with application engineers to fine-tune products to maximize the products’ life, yielding the best possible results.