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JTB Technologies

Executive Summary

JTB Technologies, Inc., is a holding company for three separate sub-corporations, with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities. This business plan consolidates the three sub-divisions of the JTB business plan into a well-balanced offering of high quality customer service, branded, well-accepted industrial products, and our own lines of specialty products and secondary services to compliment each division’s efforts. JTB can begin operations within 45 days of funding, as a corporation under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Louisiana. The current plan calls for opening each subcorporation and the holding company all within the same location, to facilitate employee and management training, accounting procedures, and inventory management.

JTB Industrial Sales Division will distribute high-quality Industrial-related products and services to local and national clients in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries, Primary Metals and Machining Industries, Mining and Contractor Industries, and in the Military and Governmental procurement sector.

JTB Products and Services Division will design custom tools tailored to the Automotive, Auto Repair, Sports Service, and Commercial Drilling Industries. Additionally, this division will also provide re-conditioning services to clients using our quality products from the JTB product line. To maximize the equipment and output of the location, this division will be situated within the same building as the other divisions, making it able to service the distributorship’s clients.

JTB Integrated Technologies Division will develop and support a full line of P.C. and Internet-based business (software) applications. Additionally, JTB will develop and support ad-based Internet marketplaces, on-line magazines, custom-developed commercial websites, and other hosted business products tailored to the Industrial marketplace.

To maximize profitability, JTB Technologies, Inc. will consolidate all of its operations into one location. JTB’s divisions will be located in Richfield, Louisiana. This location is very close to the I-82 corridor, providing excellent access to the Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas industrial markets. JTB’s management acquired its roots in the industrial marketplace while managing RL&I Tool and Machine, Inc., a privately held corporation that operated in Missouri for over twenty-five years.

Special points of interest about this corporation include:

  • High percentage of minority ownership will allow the business to participate in special-interest contract bids, special employee-training grant procurement, and state offered business development bond offerings.
  • The ability of management to work towards developing other avenues of business, including Military and other governmental procurement fulfillment.

Based on the current prices in the Industrial Products and Services market, JTB Technologies, Inc has the potential of making sales of $1,008,798 by year two of the plan. With good management, a revenue growth of 29% annually is expected.

The equity for each investor will be based on his or her investment.

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1.1 Mission

JTB will develop and offer only the highest quality products and services.

  • Our products will reduce customers’ costs, and have a longer life than the competitors’ products.
  • Our re-manufacturing services will also offer the client a solid, value-based purchase backed by a 100% quality commitment and effort by our employees and management.

Using JTB’s own manufacturing facility as a model and test bed for our products, JTB will provide the mid-sized corporate market with new and exciting ways to cost effectively manage all external vendor and customer transactions, yielding continual savings for the users of our products and services. Our manufacturing partners will also add value to our offering of services, further allowing JTB to grow into a high-quality, long-term growth corporation.

1.2 Keys to Success

  1. Seasoned management with over twenty years of business experience in Industrial Distribution and Metalworking.
  2. Focused and well-defined long-range goals for longevity. Our plan has been developed to allow flexibility and growth.
  3. Strong project-management staffing with extensive prior Engineering experience, providing clients with product and service support in an industrial setting.
  4. Strong marketing goals with niche products and services; targeted services and products delivered with unique marketing approaches.
  5. Very low internal development costs at startup. Management is well-suited to oversee and develop all  projects described in this business plan, limiting pre-production expenses by utilizing industry partnerships to lower the initial costs to bring its services and products to market.
  6. Previous base of high-quality external support vendors available to build on, with over twenty years of industry contacts to work with, in both the purchasing of quality products, and also in the marketing of our own  products.
  7. Previous successful business plans and experience to draw from. Management’s previous business plan  helped in closing an SBA package valued at $240,000 for the acquisition of C.N.C manufacturing  equipment. Management will implement and perfect all aspects of the business plan, expecting that a great deal of its own creativity, positive attitude, and energy will be brought into all of the required projects.

1.3 Objectives

Our primary objectives are to:

  1. Integrate our products and services into the desired marketplaces.
  2. Utilize our technology products to gain market share.
  3. Resell this technology and its required support services.
  4. Provide our clients with high-quality products and services while maintaining high profitability.