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Kona-Q provides an unmet dining experience in the fast-casual niche of the restaurant industry. All patrons receive benchmarked customer attention, encouraging them to return. The menu offerings are fast, simple, healthy, and easy to prepare.

  • Chicken skewer, teriyaki or curry- $5.00
  • Beef skewer, teriyaki or curry- $5.00
  • Vegetable skewers, teriyaki or curry- $4.00
  • Add rice, white or brown- $1.50
  • Add vegetables- $2.00
  • Green salad with soy ginger vinaigrette- $2.50
  • Beverages include iced teas, hot teas, soft drinks, coffee, and bottled water
  • Assorted pre-prepared desserts

All dishes have a signature pineapple slice for decoration and eating pleasure.  All the meats are marinated in a sweet soy ginger sauce overnight.