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Company Summary

Kona-Q is a new restaurant that has purchased the assets of an existing restaurant. It has been formed as an Oregon Corporation, the founder and President is Kevin Anderson.

2.1 Company History

Kona-Q purchased the assets of Litto’s Bento in Salem, Oregon. This method was chosen as a way to quickly enter the market and leverage the goodwill already established from the former business.

Kevin was friends with the former owner and the menu and equipment was similar to Kona-Q’s needs. Litto’s Bento was purchased for $75,000 including equipment.

Kona-Q is forecasting for aggressive growth. The intervals for opening a new store will be approximately one every 12 months.

Each location will be 1,000 square feet, on average, able to serve approximately 50,000 people. For restaurants to succeed, the key factor is location. Kona-Q has developed criteria for future site locations.

Traffic counts are to be 20,000 or greater and near a national anchor. The decision to open a new store is not strictly every 12 months but when a new ideal location opens up.

For the opening of a new location, Kona-Q will incur the following expenses:

  • $75K in build out expenses.
  • $10K in equipment including BBQ, rice cooker, refrigerator, small wares, tables and chairs.
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Past Performance
2000 2001 2002
Sales $90,401 $110,214 $115,454
Gross Margin $18,080 $22,043 $23,091
Gross Margin % 20.00% 20.00% 20.00%
Operating Expenses $72,321 $88,171 $92,363
Balance Sheet
2000 2001 2002
Current Assets
Cash $4,546 $5,252 $4,989
Other Current Assets $0 $0 $0
Total Current Assets $4,546 $5,252 $4,989
Long-term Assets
Long-term Assets $19,898 $21,112 $22,141
Accumulated Depreciation $6,565 $7,887 $8,989
Total Long-term Assets $13,333 $13,225 $13,152
Total Assets $17,879 $18,477 $18,141
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $2,332 $3,252 $4,242
Current Borrowing $0 $0 $0
Other Current Liabilities (interest free) $0 $0 $0
Total Current Liabilities $2,332 $3,252 $4,242
Long-term Liabilities $4,000 $3,252 $2,858
Total Liabilities $6,332 $6,504 $7,100
Paid-in Capital $0 $0 $0
Retained Earnings $11,547 $11,973 $11,041
Earnings $0 $0 $0
Total Capital $11,547 $11,973 $11,041
Total Capital and Liabilities $17,879 $18,477 $18,141
Other Inputs
Payment Days 0 0 30

2.2 Company Ownership

Kevin Anderson is the main shareholder in the Oregon based corporation. A corporation was formed as a means of creating liability protection of the owners.

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