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Hisarlik Hardware

Products and Services

Hisarlik Hardware will offer traditional retail hardware.  These products include electrical supplies, automotive, hardware, housewares, lawn and garden, building supplies, paint, plumbing, tools and rental.  There are other small services that will be offered including key cutting, glass cutting, and other small repairs. 

Hisarlik will work with Building Blocks to develop the right product mix.  The initial order of inventory will take into account the fact that this is an urban store and the product mix may contain different items than a suburban store.  Hisarlik Hardware will rely on Building Blocks’ expertise, knowledge, and their IAIS inventory management program in developing this initial order.

3.1 Product and Service Description

Hisarlik Hardware will stock traditional retail hardware items.  The product mix will be changed slightly from suburban stores.  The history of the store will then be used along with IAIS to develop the right product mix that takes advantage of the available square footage and maximizes profits.

Hisarlik Hardware will open a The Tool Room Rentals store within the hardware store.  This is a program that will help cash flow as well as increase sales of rental accessories and support items. 

Hisarlik will also have key cutting, glass cutting, and other small services like screen repairs.

3.1.1 IAIS

IAIS stands for Inventory Always In Stock.  This is a program that was developed by Building Blocks based on feedback from their members.  The members were looking for assistance in managing their departments and knowing what is selling and what is not. 

This program has the following benefits to members who take part in it:

  1. ORGANIZE departments with a more consistent merchandise assortment
  2. REMOVE non-selling inventory
  3. FREE UP valuable floor space
  4. INCREASE a store’s overall profits.

Building Blocks delivers to member stores IAIS merchandising guides, assortment guides, and recommends what inventory to carry and what not to carry.

This is an invaluable tool for a new member because the new store can rely on the history of current stores to help in their merchandising.

3.1.2 Retail Pricing System

Hisarlik Hardware will once again rely on Building Blocks to deliver the correct pricing for the market.  As discussed earlier, low cost is not one of the main factors for customers to shop at a convenient hardware store location.  Hisarlik will continue to work with Building Blocks to charge the right price to maximize profits.

3.2 Future Products and Services

Hisarlik Hardware will listen to its customers to understand what other needs are not being met.  Those needs could include additional store locations in the future and an expansion of products and services offered at the current location.  There may be other businesses that can be offshoots of retail hardware that help service or provide convenience to Hisarlik customers.