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Herr Haar

Executive Summary

Herr Haar is a full service salon dedicated to providing quality services as well as taking care of the whole person.  Herr Haar will be superior to other salons in Anytown because of its unique approach to taking care of the client. With the most innovative advancements in hair replacement and other salon services, Herr Haar will stand out from the rest. Currently, no other business in Anytown provides an adequate solution to hair loss problems. Herr Haar’s experienced cosmetologists are committed to filling this niche.

Herr Haar has been up and running since May 2003, but the limitations of the current location make it necessary to move. To achieve our objectives, Herr Haar is seeking a $4,000 short-term (10 month) loan.  The talent and determination of the owner, with 27 years of experience, is sure to make Herr Haar a continued success.

Over the past six months, Herr Haar has seen hair service sales of almost $47,000, or more than $7,800/month. In the new facility, where we can accommodate a larger clientele, we expect those hair services sales to increase to roughly $10,600/month, a fairly conservative increase. We are also opening new revenue streams with the introduction of a massage room, booth rental from other stylists who will lease space in our new facility, and increased direct sales of products we have formerly recommended, for a total 2004 sales goal of $244,000. These forecasts are based on performance of similar salons in the area, and on our research with other stylists and massage therapists here in Anytown.

In the past, hair replacement has carried a stigma for many men. Herr Haar’s professionalism and integration of hair replacement into the broader range of hair, skin, and body care will redefine this service in the Anytown area as a necessary luxury for the busy, successful man. To feel and perform your best, you must look your best – and Herr Haar is the first step.

Hair replacement and salon business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

Herr Haar is more than just a full service salon providing excellent hair care and quality products, in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Herr Haar will also provide a friendly work environment,  respecting diversity, creativity, and hard work.

1.2 Mission

Our mission is to provide skilled services, through talented cosmetologists, that give our customers the dignity and self respect needed to be successful in the world today. We are also committed to offering a range of complementary services for hair styling and bodycare in the same location, to give our customers the convenience of a single location for all their hair and bodycare needs.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Location – Provides easy access for clients as well as greater visibility to potential clients.
  • Advertising – will get our name and the concept of Herr Haar out to the public.
  • Unique – Herr Haar is like no other in providing quality hair care and addressing more complicated hair care issues in private consultation.
  • Reputation – The owners and stylists have great reputations with existing clientele
  • Discreet – Our new, more visible location is paired with a range of hair and bodycare services, so when a client comes in, passersby cannot assume he is seeking hair replacement.
  • Customer Satisfaction! – this is the most important factor in whether a one-time customer becomes a repeat customer and recommends us to friends.

The time is right for a salon that provides the skill and knowledge to take care of everyday hair care needs and hair loss problems. The diligence of the owner, along with the earnest desire of every skilled cosmetologist working with Herr Haar to constantly improve their knowledge, gives this business great potential.