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ASTI - Advanced Science and Technology Institute

Executive Summary

The Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) supports research faculty and staff at **State University, University of AnyState, AnyState Health Sciences University and AnyCity State University in its management of new discoveries. This support includes the management of new discoveries having commercial applications, as well as the management of corporate research agreements leading to new discovery.

**(Editor’s Note: Names disguised for confidentiality.)

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1.1 Keys to Success

  • Building a strong support base with the private sector within State and the Northwest.
  • Creating an effective network between researchers to facilitate cross-disciplinary contact.
  • Raising the viability of ASTI as the one-stop resource for all transferable technology that is being developed on the campuses of State’s four largest universities.

1.2 Mission

The mission of the ASTI is to bring technologies from **State University, University of AnyState, AnyState Health Sciences University and AnyCity State University into public use; thereby providing economic development assistance to state and federal agencies and companies to benefit State constituents, providing service to the technology transfer staff of each institution by assisting in identifying, protecting, developing and transferring technology to the private sector and generating income. ASTI’s unique perspective is in its ability to link researchers from various institutions to create new technologies that can then be marketed to the private sector.

Historically, State has received less attention from companies that develop long-term relationships with the university research community.  With SouthernState universities to the south and the University of AnyState to the north, State has had a difficult time reaching the level of viability necessary to draw the interest of companies outside the state.

It is a problem of economy of scale. Currently, State University, University of AnyState, AnyState Health Sciences University and AnyCity State University have 128 technologies available for licensing.  One university in SouthernState, The University of Southern State (USS), has over 200 technologies available for licensing.  In addition, USS has received $20 million in corporate research funding last year.  This far exceeds the total for all corporate research funding for the four State schools ($3 million) during the same period. In State, the State Technology Center has secured $91 million in private funding for technology transfer from the University of State. It is critical that the four major universities in State pool its resources in order to be competitive in drawing corporate attention to the excellent researchers working within their institutions.

It is ASTI’s mission to create a resource for the private sector that rivals USC by providing an aggressive one-stop center for all the pivotal research that is occuring in State.

1.3 Objectives

  • Establish a 42-member corporate research support council and increase corporate membership in ASTI’s Technology Development Council by 20% each year.
  • Facilitate two new industry sponsored research agreements the first year and increase the number of agreements each year.
  • Create new research linkages between the four campuses and develop new collaborative relationships between researchers.
  • Develop a cross-disciplinary research database that will link researchers throughout the state.