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Sarrica's Market

Exit Strategy

The owners of Sarrica’s Market will exit this endeavor after they have created a flourishing business that could be sold for a substantial profit and/or as a franchise that could serve rural communities across the country.  It is the owners’ intention to run this business until they are ready to retire or have decided to sell the business and start another.   

In the event the proposed plan is not successful the owners will implement necessary measures to exit the business endeavor with minimal damage to the owners and investors. All equipment and merchandise will be sold to cover any outstanding debts. Any remaining debt will be paid by the owners in the form of monthly payments untill all debts are paid in full. Definitions of “successful” and time limits for achieving milestones have been included in the owners’ partnership agreement.

The success of the business will be monitored monthly in the first year and quarterly in subsequent years.  The owners are aware that it usually takes new businesses three years to start turning a profit and that the business could operate at a loss during that time. The owners will keep this in mind when evaluating the state of the business, and make adjustments when possible to keep the business running with a positive cash flow. 

Acceptable loss has been determined; if the business exceeds this amount and is unable to compensate the owners, we will begin the the process of closing the business and paying back debt. 

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