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RA Concepts


RA Concepts has several different putter designs in the works. We have several prototypes of our D model, one each of our V model and Scorpion putters, and another (the W) is in the design phase. The D model design and prototype have already been submitted to the USGA for approval, and should be ready for production soon.

Details of each follow:

“D” Putters
These clubs are a new concept in material and design. The material is an acrylic polymer and polyester polymer blend. By using these materials this allows us to be able to control perimeter weighting. These materials are available in different colors that allow us to customize the putter to almost any color combination. Our technology is not that of the old school of casting. Instead, by using the state of the art CNC machines, we can make hundreds of putters at the same time that are exactly the same in color and weight, or hundreds of putters that are completely customized to individual orders.

The design of the “D” putter has a parameter ring that houses the acrylic and tungsten weighting. Placing the weight in this area allows the putter to have a larger sweet spot. This enables the ball to roll off the club head with increased accuracy. To decrease the twisting of the head when the ball impacts the putter head, our technology allows us to run the shaft insert across the face of the putter from the entry point to the toe of the club.

The design of the “D” putter has a large center area behind the face of the club that allows us to place additional weight if desired, and has an area that can hold either a ball marker or an acrylic filled logo that can we can match to existing or customized design.

This design has been submitted to USGA for technical approval and we have several prototypes manufactured.

“V” Putters
These clubs utilize the same polymer blends in material and CNC technology as the “D” putter, but that’s where the similarity stops.

The “V” putter includes three vertical bars that attach at the rear with a slight bending bar. The two outer bars with the offsetting tungsten weight once again help with head twisting, but more importantly, they increase the sweet spot, to increase accuracy. The center bar allows for additional weighting and a longer site line.

The shaft insert is used once again for head twisting but its job is two-fold. By redesigning the insert, we can transfer the impact energy of the ball to the outer bars, this energy travels down the outer bars and meets at the center of the rear center bar. At this point, without the insert in the way, the energy travels up the center bar, allowing the club head to remain balanced during the shot.

We have one prototype made and are in testing. This putter should be available two months after start up.

“W” Putters
These will use utilizes the same polymer blends in material and CNC technology as the “D” and “V” but this putter is being design primarily to be used as a belly putter or a long putter.

This putter is currently in design and development, and should be available five months after the start up.

We have one other putter on the drawing board, radical in both design and material. This design will bring our materials and technology to the category of the Irons.

“An ‘iron’ club is one where the head is relatively narrow from face to back, and it is usually made of steel. The whole of the impact area must be of the same material. Exceptions may be made for wooden clubs.”
–Quote from the USGA rule book on Iron’s.

The “Scorpion”
This putter will use the CNC technology, but the material now turns to a urethane blend and tungsten. The design is pushing the limits of the USGA regulations, and with its unique look, could be our best seller The Scorpion is still in research and development. The current USGA definition of “Irons” does not allow traditional manufacturers of clubs to change the way the make Irons today.

However, we have developed a wedge that is manufactured from urethane and tungsten. Our technology allows us to float the tungsten weight from the top to the bottom; this creates a feathering effect from the top to bottom that has more weight at the bottom of the club, to increase accuracy and control. Approval of this club by the USGA will hinge on the definition of “the impact area.” We are working with USGA officers to introduce this new design and prepare the groundwork for re-examining the details of the Iron rules.

We have one prototype of the Scorpion that is currently being tested.