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West Pacific Marketing

Market Analysis Summary

West Pacific Marketing Consultants has a unique offering of services that appeals to a  large customer base. The company will concentrate on large corporations because they provide the maximum profit potential. The following sections outline key information regarding the target markets.

4.1 Market Segmentation

The groups of potential customers for West Pacific Marketing Consultants are, in order of importance:

  1. Large Corporations
  2. Medium Companies
  3. Small Businesses
  4. Regional (Provincial) Government Offices
  5. Academics
  6. Individual Customers
Global marketing business plan, market analysis summary chart image

Market Analysis
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Potential Customers Growth CAGR
Large Corporations 11% 50,500,000 56,034,800 62,176,214 68,990,727 76,552,111 10.96%
Medium Companies 35% 37,000,000 49,950,000 67,432,500 91,033,875 122,895,731 35.00%
Small Businesses 5% 12,500,000 13,125,000 13,781,250 14,470,313 15,193,829 5.00%
Regional (Provincial) Governments 2% 1,500,000 1,530,000 1,560,600 1,591,812 1,623,648 2.00%
Academics 1% 2,250,000 2,272,500 2,295,225 2,318,177 2,341,359 1.00%
Individual Customers 332% 87,500 377,580 1,629,333 7,030,898 30,339,731 331.52%
Total 24.43% 103,837,500 123,289,880 148,875,122 185,435,802 248,946,409 24.43%

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

As indicated by the previous chart and table, West Pacific Marketing Consultants must focus on large corporations, medium companies, small businesses, and individual customers in the global market; and in the Indonesian market, regional (provincial) government offices, NGOs, academics, and individual customers will be the core of profits.

4.3 Service Business Analysis

The following companies are major players in Indonesian market research consulting business:

  1. AC Nielsen Indonesia
  2. Australian Trade Commission
  3. Business Advisory Indonesia
  4. The Castle Group
  5. CIC Consulting Group
  6. CDA International
  7. Consensus MBL
  8. PT. Data Consult, Inc.
  9. Ganesha Aggies Jaya
  10. Harvest International Inc.
  11. PT. IBIS Dharma Nusa
  12. IndoAust Jaya
  13. Indonesia Executive Search
  14. Penelitian Hukum Indonesia
  15. Plansearch Associates
  16. SOFRES FSA Jakarta (Taylor Nelson Sofres Group)

4.4 Competition and Buying Patterns

Recent analysis indicated that consultant costs (in US$/man-hour) in Indonesia have decreased by 12% since the economic turmoil of 1996. This analysis is based on the assumptions that the local senior consultants’ and senior engineers’ salaries have increased by 25% at the average exchange rate of US$1 = Rp 7,200. This is because the Indonesian skilled manpower market offers the lowest man-hour cost in the world, even with the estimated average increasing 20% per year.

To take advantage of this situation, West Pacific Marketing Consultants utilizes Indonesian resources for serving both global and regional markets.