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GlobeSpan Meeting Planners, Inc.

Business Climate

GlobeSpan Meeting Planners is a knowledge-based small business start-up on the cutting edge of what has been deemed the “new economy” by The Wall Street Journal. Selling expertise, they go on to say, is the basis of the present and future economy. Start-ups are growing at three times the rate of the national economy. In addition, The Wall Street Journal states “creativity is overtaking capital as the principal elixir of growth.” Cognetics, a business information tracking firm, calls the surging significance of small to mid-sized businesses the economy, stressing the significance of this new segment of businesses.

Additionally, in a recent study by Credit Suiss First Boston, knowledge is now acting as a substitute for physical assets for the new businesses. They are also quoted as saying “in a knowledge-based economy, there are no constraints on growth.” These are all excellent indications that the economic foundation is strong for the launch of GlobeSpan.

Specifically, the $100 billion meeting industry is strong and GlobeSpan will be a profitable player within the industry.