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Avant-Garde Shop

Management Summary

The management of the Avant-Garde Shop is made of the interim management team from PT. ABC Company, who will monitor the growth of the retail store, as well as making improvements and business maneuvers, if necessary. The many administrative functions of the Avant-Garde Shop would become the primary focus of the other team member, PT. Avant-Garde.

7.1 Organizational Structure

The organization will be a relatively dynamic one, since the majority of personnel are involved in both planning and operation.

There are three functioning groups within the company: Shareholders, who make the final decisions, then the two teams from PT. ABC Company, acting as Interim Management and Business Development Consultants, in as well as the Corporate Communications Division of PT. Avant-Garde.

7.2 Personnel Plan

The personnel plan is included in the following table. It shows the Store Staff’s salary as other functions are working inside both PT. Avant-Garde and PT. ABC Company.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Store Staff $9,600 $11,000 $11,000
Marketing/Store Manager $12,000 $12,400 $12,400
Total People 2 2 2
Total Payroll $21,600 $23,400 $23,400