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Regali Luxuri

Products and Services

Ragali Luxuri offers an ecclectic ensemble of specialty cards, gifts, and home accents designed to fit the client’s personal style. Our specialty shop also incorporates customized printing services as well as exclusive proprietary products. We have assembled an array of local and national vendors along with skillful craftsmen and business entrepreneurs who will showcase a unique product line that will embody Regali Luxuri’s company image of a “Modern & Urban Lifestyle.”


The following is an overview of our product line by category:

Printing Products: The printing products are just an extension of Regali Luxuri’s visually artistic and creative ideas that we offer clients to engage in. Price-points in this category range from $5 – $250+.

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • 12-month calendars
  • Special occasion cards: Greeting cards, wedding invitations, etc.
  • Photo restoration/photo enlargements
  • 2-year pocket planners
  • Promotional materials

Customized Apparel: Our offering of personalizing a client’s favorite garment to reflect a special occasion or individual style will surely enhance their wardrobe. We use graphic imagery along with decorative studs and rhinestones to create a personal style. Price-points in this category range from $20 – $150.

  • T-shirts
  • Sweat shirts
  • Denim apparel: Jackets, slacks, jump suits, and shirts

Home Accessories: Our product line of home accessories is a collection of modern accents that customers can certainly connect with. Price-points in this category range from $5 – $100.

  • Bamboo garden vase collection
  • Decorative and scented candles
  • Framed artwork
  • Shadow boxes
  • Wine accessories
  • Tabletop Accents: Coffee mugs, place mats, platters and coasters

Personal Care Accents: This category is very popular with customers when it comes to gift giving or personal use. Price-points in this category range from $6 – $15.

  • Scented body lotion
  • Scented bath salt
  • Facial and body soaps
  • Body gel
  • Aromatherapy products

Pet Products: This trendy category will be very popular with potential customers and convenient for 80% of residential tenants in the complex who own a pet. Price-points in this category range from $5 – $25.

  • Gourmet snacks
  • Overnight traveling bags
  • Bathing products
  • Name tags
  • Toys

Specialty Gifts: This gift giving merchandise line will allow customers to express their personal sentiments for special occasions and the gift recipient. Price-points in this category range from $10 – $250.

  • Organza sheer gift bags
  • Handcrafted jewelry
  • Designer cigar handbags
  • Baby products
  • Handcrafted Afro-centric dolls
  • Customized men’s and women’s gift sets
  • Children’s interests books
  • Housewarming gifts


To distinguish ourselves from surrounding specialty retailers, we provide numerous customized services that offer customers a satisfying and unique shopping experience.

Plastic Gift Cards: Gift cards are available to customers when purchasing for gift recipients may become a little difficult. We offer $25 gift cards.

Customization Services: To further enhance the customer’s shopping experience, we provide customers with the option of customizing almost any item of our product line. Whether it is printing products, specialty gifts, or home accessories customers can choose to have certain items customized to fit their individual decorating style or personal needs.

V.I.P. Customer Appreciation: In recognition of our “loyal” customers, we will provide them with V.I.P. cards. V.I.P. card holders will receive a special discount on all merchandise for a specified time period.

Graphic Design/Photography Services: These services are provided to complement the personalization of our printing services and products. Equipment available to support these services includes:

Hardware Software
1 Dell Personal Computer ArcSoft Photo Impression 2000
1 Dell Notebook MGI Photo Suite 3 (Graphics)
2 Scanners: HP & Microtek Adobe Photo Deluxe 4 (Graphics)
2 Printers: HP & Epson Epson Kai’s Photo SE (Graphics)
2 Kodak Digital Cameras Microsoft Publisher XP

Corporate Gift Program: Regali Luxuri would like to branch out and explore business-to-business ventures. We will offer a 15% discount to businesses that purchase for their employees.


This will be distributed to existing clients via direct mail and available to new customers as they browse through the boutique. Regali Luxuri will utilize our own printing capabilities to publish business cards, brochures and promotional postcards. Bensai Halstadt is a graphic design enthusiast who is proficient in desktop publishing and printing professional advertisements. This approach will definitely reduce our monthly advertising costs.


Product pricing structures will be based on cost-plus and competitive pricing. Cost-plus pricing is basing the price on the basis of all costs plus a mark-up to cover overhead costs. Our mark-up cost is 33%. All orders will require a 50% deposit upon receiving final shipment. For bulk orders, a 50% deposit is required and a 15% discount will be given to customers. There will be seasonal and periodic sales on merchandise due to the possible overstock of inventory. 

Design and Photography Service Fee Structures will be determined by the particular requirements of individual projects. Typically, compensation to Regali Luxuri includes a retainer design fee in addition to the cost plus system of billing for supplies and materials. This structure accounts for research, design time and consulting.

Future Plans

We seek to broaden Regali Luxuri’s product line by expanding the retail location to the 2nd level and show casing:

  • Home Accessories: Mirrors, framed artwork, picture frames, glassware, dinnerware, flatware, throw pillows, throw blankets, and plush rugs.
  • Gift Wrapping Services: This signature service will strengthen Regali Luxuri’s “brand identity” and company image.
  • Men’s Gifts

Regali Luxuri also seeks to hire individuals to design exclusively for our proprietary products.

  • Apparel: Crochet hats and scarves for toddlers to adults
  • Baby Products: Crochet hats, booties, and throw blankets
  • Soft Goods: Crochet throw pillows and throw blankets
  • Printing Products: Greeting cards, calendars, obituaries

Plans of developing a mail order catalog will increase sales for Regali Luxuri.