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Yeti Cards & Gifts

Management Summary

Yeti was founded, is owned, and will be managed by Dan Gordon. Dan brings a wealth of topical experience to Yeti to assist in its retail success. Dan’s sales career began over 13 years ago when he worked in retail sales for Mervyn’s. After about a year he moved into a new position with Kaiser Permanente as a Security Administration Assistant. In this position Dan was responsible for teaching different classes to new hospital staff. It was this experience that provided the requisite skill set that he now uses for training new employees. Next Dan spent several years as a wholesale buyer of a large office supplies company. He was responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures for client returns, overseeing over $.5 million in returns.

Since Sept. 14, 2001 Dan has dedicated his time to Yeti and has managed the Cleveland Heights store and is in charge of purchasing, sales, advertising, maintenance, computer technology, and business development.

Yeti is also supported by Ishada Gordon. Ishada has over four years of sales and client service from a variety of different companies in Japan as well as the United States. Ishada also brings outstanding office management skills that will be invaluable to Yeti. Ishada has also been helpful with business development activities, raising money as well as developing vendor relationships with many different Japanese companies. Her knowledge and assistance in the Japanese product category has provided Yeti with an excellent Japanese product selection.

7.1 Personnel Plan

Dan will be the manager of both stores. His responsibilities include but are not limited to: sales, purchasing, marketing, advertising, business development, computer technology, and employee training.

Ishada’s responsibilities include but are not limited to: office management, employee training, and human resources.

The Cleveland Heights store will have two part-time employees. Their responsibilities include sales, display organizing, restocking, and light cleaning.

Personnel Plan
2003 2004 2005
Dan $14,400 $16,000 $17,000
Ishada $14,400 $16,000 $17,000
Part-time employee $3,864 $6,624 $6,624
Part-time employee $3,864 $6,624 $6,624
Part-time employee $3,864 $6,624 $6,624
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $40,392 $51,872 $53,872