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Timely Trucking

Web Plan Summary

The Timely Trucking website will serve as a source of basic information for those who find it via Internet searches, as well as a sophisticated account management portal for clients. For potential clients, the website will serve as a deeper explanation of the services and background of the company than a brochure or advertisement can provide. Specific calls to action on the website will ask users to call to speak to a salesperson or to fill in a form with their basic information and a good time to speak with them, so that a salesperson can contact them. Even one-time clients will be able to access up-to-date information about the ETA and current location of their deliveries. Clients who subscribe to preferred services will have access to more advanced information and functions.

Website Marketing Strategy

Timely Trucking will utilize the following means to promote its website as a marketing tool:

  • Initial and ongoing search engine optimization by the Web developer and then by an SEO firm
  • Google Adwords campaign which can be reduced or defunded if organic search rankings are high enough
  • Profiles and listings on ten business and trucking company online databases
  • Mention of the website URL in all brochures and advertisements

Development Requirements

The website’s components will have the following requirements:

Front End

  • Homepage – Mirroring a basic brochure about Timely Trucking
  • About Us – Background on the partners, mission, and basics of the business
  • Contact – Form to submit information and phone number to reach a salesperson during business hours
  • Services – Deeper description of the service options along with images of the trucks and a map of the area served>

Delivery Tracking

  • Form – To enter delivery code which was designated for the delivery
  • Map – Shows current location of the delivery on a map
  • Statistics – Gives ETA, minutes late or ahead of schedule, status of pick-up or drop-off, other notes about the order

Account Management

  • Login – Login form for client username and password
  • Account Profile – Basic client information, settings related to interface between client systems and Timely Trucking if direct links have been established
  • Scheduling – Calendar on which pickups and deliveries can be scheduled and rescheduled
  • Alerts – Settings for email or text alerts about deliveries which can be sent to client

Back End

  • Database Entry – Ability to search within and make changes and edits to the client and scheduling information in the database
  • Billing Interface – Website sends billing information for completed jobs directly to accounting software for bill creation

The website will be developed over a three month period and will require $20,000. Many elements can be adapted from off-the-shelf or open source software, but others must be developed from scratch to interface between client software and the Timely Trucking database.