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Timely Trucking


Timely Trucking will offer the following services for businesses in the Northwest:

  • Pick-up and delivery of goods with a minimum per-delivery weight of 20,000 lbs from and to locations in its geographic range by 18-wheeler trucks hauling dry van trailers
  • Both “less than a truck load” and “truck load” services
  • Online tracking information detailing the location of all GPS-tagged trucks and the status of deliveries, including expected arrival times for pick-up or delivery
  • Phone support for all customer questions, delivery changes, and scheduling
  • Preferred client services including online accounts, regular schedules of shipping, or linking of client order information directly to Timely Trucking’s scheduling software to allow for seamless logistics

To maintain its competitiveness in its core services, Timely Trucking will NOT offer:

  • Storage or warehousing of goods awaiting delivery (goods can remain in storage in trucks for short periods, but at relatively high cost to customers)
  • Packaging and crating
  • Flat bed hauling

In the future, Timely Trucking will add the following services:

  • Temperature-controlled shipping to expand the range of customers Timely can appeal to

Trucks are operated by qualified and well-trained drivers with spotless records. Drivers are safety trained and re-tested for knowledge of laws as they change. A dedicated suite of software and communication systems will allow for the logistical management mentioned above.