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Hair Recycling Technologies

Management Summary

K. Justin Luber is the mind behind Hair Recycling Technologies. He saw the need for hair to be recycled and used in several different and environmentally beneficial ways. With the development, determination, motivation, and persistence of everyone involved, HRT will be the leading producer of recycled hair in the future.

The management team of Hair Recycling Technologies will be comprised of the following executive positions.

  • President of operations: K. Justin Luber.
  • Vice-president of operations/finance: Jason Mysliwec.
  • Financial advisor: Hunter Korth.
  • Marketing advisor: Robin Liu.

At Hair Recycling Technologies, the management team believes that this unique way of recycling will change the way consumers look at gardening. As with any company, the responsibilities and duties of the management team are very important and cannot be taken lightly. However, along with these individual responsibilities the executives and advisors at HRT will work together as a team to create a successful company.

9.1 Organizational Structure

The responsibilities involved in the company Hair Recycling Technologies are great and abundant. HRT’s main purpose is to appeal to environmentally conscious minded gardeners by developing products that include recycled hair. Each executive member will have several responsibilities that are imperative to fulfill the duties in producing such unique gardening products.

As founder and president of Hair Recycling Technologies, Mr. Justin Luber will be responsible for the entire operation. Some of his duties will include overseeing the areas held by the other company executives, as well as the output produced by other employees. He will be in charge of the company’s public relations. He will also have the job of hiring dedicated people and firing employees who are not willing to put their best efforts into the production of HRT’s products. In addition, he will establish a good working relationship with the board of directors and company executives. Mr. Luber will also have an important role in making decisions that concern the well being of HRT.

Mr. Jason Mysliwec has an important job as vice-president of finance/operations. His job will be crucial in the survival of Hair Recycling Technologies. Mr. Mysliwec will be responsible for HRT’s financial operations which include start-up expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and developing yearly budgets. In addition, his job will include developing funding needed for the company such as obtaining loans on behalf of the company and fund-raising. This will include developing and sustaining relationships with investors. Moreover, he will be allocating money for each division such as marketing, research and development and sales. This job will be important in that each department’s survival is dependent upon the financial abilities of Mr. Mysliwec.

Marketing will play an important role in convincing consumers to switch from their old products to HRT’s unique soil enhancer and animal deterrent. Mr. Luber will be responsible for creating the need for SMART SOIL and the animal deterrent while at the same time capturing the attention of the consumers’ targeted, home gardeners. Some of his duties will include the pricing of HRT’s products, monitoring the competition, analyzing results from market research studies, realizing customers’ needs, and appealing to those needs. In addition, Mr. Luber will be working closely with Mr. Mysliwec on the development and distribution of new product lines.

The sales department is parallel with marketing in that both aspects are dependent upon the other. Mr. Luber will be using strategies to make people aware of HRT’s unique products. He will be responsible for advertising and promotion ideas and have input into product pricing. He will also be in charge of projecting the overall sales of the products, setting sales quotas for sales representatives, and developing a sales force. In addition, Mr. Luber will be working along with marketing in order to obtain feedback from market research surveys which will help him target the customer more accurately.

Research and development is an important stage in the success of Hair Recycling Technologies. Mr. Mysliwec will be responsible for the growth of the company. His duties will include creating new ideas for using recycled hair in the gardening industry. This job might entail working closely with professionals who are experts in the field of agriculture, horticulture, and possibly organic chemistry. In addition, Mr. Mysliwec will have an important role in diversifying and expanding the product line.

Another responsibility Mr. Mysliwec will have is promoting teamwork throughout the company as well as exemplifying leadership qualities to production employees. Some of his duties will include handling conflicts within the company, dealing with problems that arise quickly and motivating employees as well as rewarding them for good performance. In addition, Mr. Mysliwec will be directly involved in people management. In order to have a good operation the manager must create a honest, open, trusting relationship with employees. This duty will entail establishing a good working relationship with production line employees because without them HRT’s products will not be produced.

9.2 Management Team

The management team and board of directors/advisors will play a critical part in the success and growth of the company’s unique products. One important aspect of being a team is the ability to work together. In the early stages of this venture, four individuals came together and formed a team in which they transformed into team players. Moreover, each primary member has different qualities and skills that will be beneficial to their division and company as a whole.

K. Justin Luber, President of Operations:

Mr. Luber is a second year MBA candidate at the Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame with concentrations in marketing and strategy. He is also a graduate of the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business with a BBA degree in finance. Mr. Luber has many strengths that will be beneficial to Hair Recycling Technologies. He is motivated, ambitious and a team player. Throughout school, Mr. Luber has been acknowledged for the leadership abilities he possesses. He received the Outstanding Performance Award while attending a ten-week course at the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, Mr. Luber was awarded for displaying leadership abilities at the United States Naval Gunnery School in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to his college experience, Mr. Luber has over five years of business experience which includes a management consulting summer internship with Arthur D. Little, Inc, three years sales and marketing experience with Unisys Corporation, and project management experience with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. Specifically, as it relates to his sales and marketing abilities, Mr. Luber’s sales and marketing strategies at Unisys led to a consistent increase in sales volume coupled with many achievements, such as achieving the Unisys 1997 Unisys Rookie of the Year Award for the North American Field Operations and the Southern Field Operations. Additionally, while working in sales and marketing with Unisys, Mr. Luber earned national recognition for securing over $2.5 million in new business.

Jason Mysliwec, Vice-President of Finance/Operations:

Mr. Mysliwiec will more than adequately complement the skills of Mr. Luber, Korth, and Liu. With a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Pepperdine University, as well as an MBA with a finance concentration from the University of Notre Dame, Mr. Mysliwiec is well equipped to lead and manage HRT effectively. Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, and several financial software packages, Mr. Mysliwiec will ensure that the firm utilizes its resources well, and allocates them efficiently in the pursuit of profitability. Among Mr. Mysliwiec’s professional experiences are two years as internal finance and administration coordinator at Centura Health in Denver, Colorado. During this time, Mr. Mysliwiec assembled and oversaw a $40 million Information Services budget, where he not only successfully kept the division within its parameters, but also orchestrated programs which saved the company several hundred thousand dollars per year.

Hunter Korth, Financial Advisor:

Mr. Korth has had experience in the past that will be beneficial to the company in his role as a financial advisor. After graduating with a bachelors degree in economics from Albion College in 1994, Mr. Korth worked for Merrill Lynch in several different capacities. He initially worked in the corporate options and 401K departments where he advised clients in the creation of options and 401K plans and administered financial advice regarding the plans. Following his tenure in the corporate options and 401K departments, Mr. Korth transitioned to the private client services department in San Francisco. While with private client services, Mr. Korth developed investment plans with strategies tailored to achieve clients’ specific short- and long-term investment objectives and provided comprehensive investment guidance and highly personalized service. During this time, he managed a $9 million dollar portfolio of securities consisting of equities and fixed income products. Mr. Korth is currently a second year MBA student at the University of Notre Dame and is concentrating in finance.

Robin Liu, Director/Advisor of Marketing:

Mr. Liu will be an important player in the growth of HRT. He worked in sales and marketing for nine years and is very familiar with some of the elements involved in sales strategies such as advertising, promotion, and the sales force. His skills in working with emerging markets will be helpful in that he can analyze and understand the results of a market research study. Mr. Liu will be able to relate to the different types of people studied and comprehend their responses by making the company’s product appeal to their particular needs. He has also held several jobs such as project manager, national sales manager, China chief representative, and president and founder for his own trading company. He has demonstrated a high level of achievements by acting on various managerial positions. Mr. Liu will receive his MBA with a concentration on marketing in May of 2001 from the University of Notre Dame.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Office Manager $19,800 $40,788 $63,018
Justin Luber $15,000 $24,000 $30,000
Jason Mysliwec $15,000 $24,000 $30,000
Hunter Korth $15,000 $24,000 $30,000
Robin Liu $15,000 $24,000 $30,000
Total People 5 6 7
Total Payroll $79,800 $136,788 $183,018