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Sit n' Caddy


Garden Crafts has designed a unique product for gardening enthusiasts. The Sit N’ Caddy acts as both a gardening stool and a portable tool box, allowing gardeners to carry their supplies to the garden, then sit in comfort as they weed or plant. This product can be sold as a kit, or completed with a customized finish for larger orders. Crafted from white oak, this item will prove to be as sturdy and useful as it is beautiful.

3.1 Product Description

The Sit N’ Caddy will be primarily available as an easy-to-assemble kit. Materials used in construction will be white oak and treated screws. Attention will be paid to ensure that assembly instructions are clear and concise. The Sit N’ Caddy will stand approximately 12″ tall and have an abundant carrying capacity.

Custom finishes, sizes, and assembly will be available for large orders.

3.2 Sales Literature

Garden Craft will create brochures and specification sheets to facilitate business-to-business sales. The brochure will list the features and benefits to consumers, while the fact sheet will give the retail business necessary information regarding construction, safety, and design.

3.3 Sourcing

Tools & General Equipment:

Hand tools and short-life equipment, such as saw-blades and router bits, will be purchased at Home Depot. An account will be opened with a $5,000 credit limit for these consumables, as well as for any emergency purchases, i.e. the replacement of a table saw.

Product Construction Materials:

Lumber, finishing materials and joining materials, will be purchased through Home Depot. Additional stores in the local area carrying similar products are Lowe’s and Ace Hardware, these will be utilized as well.

3.4 Technology

The Sit N’ Caddy is not covered by any patents or trademarks. This is an item that anyone with a small workshop could duplicate, so patents would not be feasible or necessary. Garden Crafts will depend on the low price gained from buying material in bulk and mass production. Product assembly requires no special knowledge, having been designed for ease and consistency. The materials involved allow for extensive decoration and modification by the customer, allowing for the possibility of bulk sales to fund-raising organizations.

3.5 Future Products

Because of the nature of our workshop, many different products can be fabricated with little extra cost. Additionally, customization for large orders may become feasible in the near future. Since this is a start-up business, it has been decided that the single product, Sit N’ Caddy, will be sufficient until we have determined whether or not our marketing plans are effective.