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Evergreen Life Memorial Center

Web Plan Summary

Our website will be an integral part of our market effort to the computer savvy Baby Boom generation. It will also help fulfill our mission in celebrating the life of the individual online as well as in person, and by promoting our nonprofit work that ties us into the life of the community. These uses of the website will bring more people to the site and increase its marketing potential.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our target market is active on the Internet, and this fact will be fully employed in the strategy to attract Baby Boomers. The Center’s website will be used in a number of ways that both add value to the client and the community and increase the number of people seeking the website. These are described in detail in the following section.

Digitized pictures and films of the life being celebrated will be offered on our website as well as in the reception room. This will allow people who are unable to attend the funeral to share in the remembrance and celebration of the individual’s life. The website will solicit memories about the individual to be added to the site. The use of the website will allow the social support gathered in person during the funeral and reception to carry on after the ceremonies are over and expanded to people who couldn’t come.

Our website will be a most effective marketing tool by also serving as an intrinsic part of the Center’s activities. The website will host photos and memories of people whose families use our facilities. The website will also host our nonprofit activities and copies of articles about the Center and an online newsletter produced by our public relations firm. This will give exposure, not only to the nonprofits we support, but also the Center itself.


6.2 Development Requirements

The Evergreen Life Memorial Center’s website will be initially developed and hosted by our public relations firm, which will host the site and provide the technical back end. The firm will then train the owner and staff in how to add content on a regular basis.

The website will be an integral part of the function of the Center. The Center’s competitive edge is celebration of life, and the use of digitized photos and films will be used in the reception room for this purpose. But these photos and films will also be available on our website if the family wishes. People will be asked to write their remembrances during the reception, and these may be posted on the website. The family will be given the free use of a portion of our website for a year. The family may also choose to make some or all of this part of the website available only to people with a code in order to maintain privacy.

Providing this capability on the website will allow the family to:

  • Keep the remembrance celebration going beyond the funeral
  • Allow people to participate who were unable to attend the funeral
  • Allow people to download images they don’t have
  • Allow people to continue to share remembrances by email
  • Allow the family to continue to gather social support.

Providing this capability will also aid in marketing the Center because it will cause people to actively seek out our website.

The nonprofit causes that the Center supports will also be hosted on our website. In a later phase, a directory of websites of community nonprofit organizations will be maintained on the website as well. This will make the Center a virtual as well as actual charitable center of the community.

The website will show illustrations of our facility and will motivate people who come across the website, because of a funeral or a nonprofit purpose, to want to use the Center in time of need