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Evergreen Life Memorial Center

Products and Services

Evergreen Life Memorial Center is a place to celebrate the life of the departed and to bolster support systems for those who must live without them. The Center will provide services that are demanded by the Baby Boom generation who wants to celebrate the life of the individual together, rather than endure a morbid and stilted experience. In order to accomplish this, the Center will offer facilities and services that are for the living and for the community, not marginalized from it.

The Center’s cornerstone product will be use of the Reception Facility. Funerals bring people together who haven’t seen each other in years, even decades. In traditional services, people meet for a few hours and then they’re gone. The Center will capture the opportunity to bring people together, to celebrate life and to re-form the lines of support for those who live. To accomplish this, the Center will offer:

  • A reception hall where meals and refreshments may be catered.
  • Electronic presentation and projection of photos and films of the deceased, also available on our website.
  • Soft background music selected by the family, if requested.
  • Discreet areas where small groups may form for intimate discussions.
  • Two rooms with couches and chairs for private meetings.
  • A children’s playroom, supervised if requested. 
  • Easy wheelchair accessibility.

Use of the Chapel for funeral services.

Professional Services of the Director and staff. There will be one person who will guide the family through the entire process.

Caskets and Urns. The Center will offer the largest selection of caskets and urns of any funeral home in the area. Large funeral homes usually have corporate agreements with one of the top three casket companies:  Batesville, York or Aurora. Many other funeral homes are given incentives to sell only one line of casket, although federal law prohibits funeral homes from not accepting any casket the customer wants. The Center will offer the complete line of Batesville and York caskets, for people who want the industry standard caskets. Batesville alone accounts for 45 percent of caskets sold in the U.S. To differentiate the Center and to bolster its market position as the place for people who want a different kind of funeral, the Center will supplement its offerings with caskets more interesting and diverse than the mass-produced caskets generally offered, including:

  • Legacy Custom Caskets. These are handcrafted caskets made with the finest materials that give an impressive appearance, for those funerals where only the best will do.
  • Cowboy’s Last Ride. Generally an unfinished, pine casket with a denim or horse blanket liner. “A fitting end for someone who spent his life caring for God’s creatures and land.”
  • Specialized metal and fiberglass caskets with emblems painted on the inside for people belonging to firefighting, police, military and fraternal organizations.
  • Other specialty caskets with unique features that emphasize the individuality of the deceased.
  • A selection of low-cost caskets by independent providers.

Remembrance Products, including paper and electronic products to celebrate the life of the deceased. Digital photographs and films will be used during the reception and posted on our website, if desired.

Transportation, including use of hearse. Limousines will be contracted, if desired.

Refrigeration is required for viewing of the body beyond 72 hours after death if there is no embalming. With the growing demand for cremation and increasing environmental sensitivity about the chemicals involved in embalming, we expect a greater use of refrigeration in the future.

Embalming services. Embalming has been a traditionally assumed service, but consumers are mandated by federal law to be advised that it’s not required, except in certain rare cases. Embalming allowed funerals with viewing to take place more than 72 hours after death without noticeable decomposition. It is still the industry standard, and will be available at the Center.

Cremation services. Cremation services are the fastest growing segment of the death care industry.