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Bauman's Frozen Custard


Bauman’s will sell premium fresh-made Frozen Custard and Italian Ice. Frozen Custard is a natural, wholesome, frozen dairy product. It differs from ice cream in both taste and texture. Currently, the popular product known as Frozen Custard in the Midwest and on the East Coast is not available in Oregon. There are a handful of small businesses in Oregon that sell a product they call “frozen custard,” but this is not true Frozen Custard. Our product will be unique to the Pacific Northwest.

Customers can choose their flavor of frozen custard (vanilla, chocolate, and one or two additional daily flavors) and then choose to have it mixed with their choice of Italian ice flavors (over 30 flavors offered daily). Then they can enjoy their desserts in a warm, relaxing atmosphere similar to an upscale coffee house.

Frozen Custard has…

  • Rich Flavor because it is made with an Egg Base
  • Less Fat and Sugar than Most Premium Ice Creams
  • Smoother and Creamier Texture (no ice crystals as in ice cream or ice milk.)
  • Old-Fashioned Homemade Taste (made fresh every day.)
  • Greater Density (less air whipped in, so it’s much more filling than soft serve.)

Italian Ice is…

  • A Fruit-flavored ice mix with a smooth texture (very small ice crystals)
  • A Sweet and Fat Free frozen product
  • Made without Dairy or Egg products
  • Made with Real Fruit Concentrate
  • The Consistency of a Slushie

Both Frozen Custard and Italian Ice are lower in fat and sugar contents than other premium ice creams available on the market. Our product is creamier and smoother in texture than ice cream, and it is the only product available as hard serve from a soft-serve machine. This is because Frozen Custard is made using a unique machine called a batch freezer. This freezer pumps less air into the mix as it is rapidly being frozen. The final product is dense, smooth, and creamy.

Our product bases will be purchased from a company in Pennsylvania. We have contacted them about supplying us with products. They offer premade frozen custard base, to which Bauman’s Frozen Custard and Italian Ice will then add flavorings and freeze in our specialty equipment. The Italian ice base mix arrives as a flavorless mix. We will add flavor concentrate from a company in Salem, Oregon that specializes in manufacturing fruit flavor concentrates from fresh seasonal fruit. We will offer at least 30 unique Italian Ice flavors each day. They will be frozen in a batch freezer and then stored in a display case at a temperature between 15-26 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the Italian Ice to remain in a “liquid frozen” state similar to a slushie.