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Concrete Fabricators



Concrete Fabricators provides concrete fabrication, to include foundations (commercial and residential), road construction, and excavation (dirt work). The company also creates house slabs and driveways for residentials, trailer path foundations, and other roadwork. Jobs are solicited through bids from both business and personal ventures. We provide services to both commercial and individual customers. Geographically, the company offers its services to southwest Oklahoma and southeast Texas.

The Concrete Fabricators system can be adapted to almost any construction requirement that calls for forming and foundation work. The company’s expert staff has the capability to design and manufacture any custom component or accessory item that may be required to complete the formwork and foundation package.

3.1 Product Description

Concrete Fabricators’ formworks and foundations offer major advances and complete adaptability, high strength-to-weight ratio, and all at cost-effective prices. Accident prevention is the cornerstone of Concrete Fabricators’ safety commitment. The company strives to eliminate foreseeable hazards which could result in personal injury or illness. Concrete Fabricators focuses on health and safety, and neither will be compromised for cost or convenience. The company operates in two market segments as described below.


  • Foundations. Concrete Fabricators has the ability to safely erect any structure on a properly-built foundation.
  • Parking Lots. Concrete is the superior paving material for parking lot projects. Whether it is a new parking area, or one in need of reconstruction, concrete offers the durability and beauty that asphalt just can’t match. Concrete’s advantages include:
    • Durability. Concrete lasts longer than asphalt. A concrete parking area can serve your project for twenty or more years. The durability advantage means less maintenance, fewer repairs, and an end to the expensive reconstruction cycle.
    • Beauty. Concrete’s durability means a surface free from ugly potholes, ruts, and damage from petroleum products. Add some colors or a pattern, and concrete turns a parking lot into the perfect showcase for your business.
    • Safety and lighting. Concrete offers a brighter, more reflective surface than asphalt. Better use of light means a safer and more inviting parking area for your customers and employees.
    • Load-carrying capacity. Trucks demand a structural pavement. Asphalt is no match for eighteen-wheelers and delivery vehicles. If product distribution is critical to your project, then concrete is your paving partner.
  • Parking Garages. Concrete provides the same benefits for a garage as it does for a driveway. A structure made with concrete is strong enough to hold up under the pressure of many vehicles, and is also durable enough to last many years of heavy pressure.


Residential applications go beyond a solid foundation. Long lasting and low maintenance, concrete increases the value and performance of a very important investment: the home. Strong, durable, and safe, concrete will never burn or rot, and provides the best shelter against any storm. Residential applications are as follows:

  • Basement Walls. A concrete basement is the most economical part of a home to build and is the best value for the dollar spent. Concrete basements offer a variety of benefits:
    • Extra room for work or play. Consider a game room, den, guest bedroom, or office. Create a space as unique as your own family. Economical full basements can almost double the enclosed living space, at only a fraction of the cost of the home.
    • Permanent finished look. Add a dramatic color or texture for a permanent, finished look.
    • Extra storage. Storage that frees up other, more expensive floor space in the house and garage.
    • Easy access to utilities. Better access to plumbing, heating, and wiring. All can be reached without crawling or breaking up floors.
  • Concrete Homes. Concrete homes are energy efficient, resistant to strong winds, practically soundproof, and offer a broad range of design options. Concrete homes offer a variety of benefits over standard construction:
    • Fast and easy construction. Using insulating concrete forms results in a faster and more efficient building cycle.
    • Versatile and compatible. Stucco, wood siding, vinyl siding, brick, and other traditional exterior finishes can be easily used with insulating concrete forms.
    • Environmentally responsible. Concrete and polystyrene foam are inert and can be recycled.
    • Energy efficient. Energy savings are built into concrete homes. Many concrete homeowners report savings of more than 40% on their heating/cooling costs.
    • Security. Secure concrete houses perform very well in hurricanes and other violent storms.
    • No Rot or Rust. Neither concrete nor polystyrene will rot, rust, or corrode.
    • Peace and Quiet. A concrete home built with insulating concrete forms has much greater noise reduction characteristics than wood or steel.
  • Driveways. A concrete driveway can have a dramatic effect on the first impression, value, and resale potential for a home. Concrete driveways are preferred over other paving materials for a variety of reasons.
    • Durability. A key component to the longevity of driveways. Concrete driveways stand up to traffic day in and day out, year after year, often for over 30 years.
    • Maintenance. Concrete does not need to be seal coated every year, making its maintenance practically non-existent.
    • Environmentally friendly. Cured concrete is an inert material and can be recycled.
    • Homeowner satisfaction. Homeowners were surveyed, and of those already owning a concrete driveway, 96% said they would choose concrete again.
    • Versatility. This is important, especially in today’s upscale housing market. Concrete can be colored, stamped, or stenciled to create a variety of textures and decorative finishes.
    • Appearance. A critical component in selecting a driveway paving material, concrete, with it’s smooth, bright surface, provides an important safety feature by increasing the effectiveness of exterior lighting.