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Red, White & Bloom

Products and Services

Red White & Bloom will offer a variety of products and services.


  • Original Floral Designs, Using A Wide Mix of Flowers. Each Red White & Bloom floral arrangement will be a natural, original work of art. The company is committed to making each arrangement unique and custom-designed based on each customer’s needs. Red White & Bloom’s floral arrangements will feature a wide range of seasonal flowers. All sample arrangements in the store will be available for purchase.
  • Unique Containers. Red White & Bloom will select and offer distinctive vases for the discretionary buyer or for a special occasion, as well as affordable options for routine purchases.
  • Green and Flowering House Plants. Red White & Bloom may occasionally offer a selection of seasonal green and flowering house plants.
  • Gourmet Chocolates. With consumer’s heightened awareness of chocolate brands and a seeming willingness to pay for a better product, Red White & Bloom will carry several lines of exclusive gourmet chocolate bars, that is, the brands will not be sold by other metro Atlanta retailers. The sale of gourmet chocolate is a perfect complement to flowers, and encourages consumers to indulge and experience something new because they are worth it.
  • Paintings and Artwork from Local Artists. To create a gallery environment, the Red White & Bloom store will feature paintings and/or drawings from local artists, and the artwork will be for sale. The company will collect a small percentage of each sale (5%).
  • Variety of prices. Red White & Bloom will offer a variety of arrangement sizes, and will always create a unique arrangement to meet anyone’s stated budget.
  • Hand-tied Bouquets. For customers who prefer to use their own vases, Red White & Bloom will offer hand-tied bouquets.


Forget-Me-Not Club. Special occasions account for four out of every ten floral purchases made. To capture a portion of this market and to foster overall romance, Red White & Bloom will offer a Frequent Flower Gift Program called the Forget-Me-Not Club designed for men. This program will let each customer register a minimum of six days per year (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any day except Valentine’s Day) on which Red White & Bloom will automatically plan to deliver a floral arrangement to his place of work (which must be in Midtown or Downtown Atlanta). A courtesy call will be given or an e-mail sent to each customer 48-hours in advance. To make it as easy as possible for its customers to transport flower arrangements from work to home, Red White & Bloom will develop special packaging to keep containers upright and spillproof. This packaging will be well branded with the company’s logo, and will serve as an additional marketing vehicle once delivered to a customer’s workplace (office building). The customer must agree to the cost of each arrangement (minimum $100), in advance and the service must be guaranteed by a credit card in advance. The credit card will not be charged until the day of each delivery.

Commercial Account Program including:

  • Free initial consulting. For retail and office tenants who are interested in a weekly delivery program, Red White & Bloom will conduct an initial free, on-site visit to the customer’s office or store to determine the optimum floral design plan.
  • Priority delivery program. Red White & Bloom will work with each commercial customer to determine a weekly delivery schedule, and will assure that arrangements are delivered on the same day each week at the same time.
  • Birthday Blooms. Red White & Bloom will offer a free arrangement to each office manager for a commercial account on his or her birthday.
  • Referral Program. Red White & Bloom will offer a one-time 25% discount to each commercial customer for every additional commercial referral that becomes a customer.

Castleberry Hill Residential Program. For residents of Castleberry Hill, Red White & Bloom will offer a monthly fresh flower program with free delivery to encourage the habit of keeping fresh flowers in their homes. More frequent delivery options are available, and residents will be given a $5 discount if they pick up the flowers in the store, which will decrease delivery expenses as well as increase exposure to additional buying opportunities. Other special programs for local residents include:

  • Forget-Me-Not Club. (As defined above.)
  • Narcissus Club. For residents who desire a custom-designed floral plan for their homes, Red White & Bloom offers the upscale Narcissus Club, which includes a free in-home consultation to assess the customer’s home and the recommendation of a floral design plan; a minimum investment of $75 per month; and a minimum of a six-month commitment. The commitment must be guaranteed by a credit card in advance. This service will also be offered as a gift certificate (limited delivery).

Unique-buying experience. As the Castleberry Hill area becomes a destination shopping venue, Red White & Bloom will contribute to the experience by offering a pleasant shopping experience through the gallery-like design of its storefront, and its selection of materials and floral designs.

In-Store Presentations. In the spirit of education and event marketing, Red White & Bloom will offer periodic in-store workshops to attract potential customers. Topics will be seasonal in nature, and will feature guest artists such as regional cuisine, interior design tips from local designers, books signings, jewelry shows, and local artist showings.

Gift Cards. Red White & Bloom will offer $25, $50, $75 and $100 gift certificates, as well as gift cards for the Forget-Me-Not program that would enable women to receive the program as a gift, and then select the characteristics of each scheduled delivery.

Surveys/Comment Cards. Red White & Bloom will use in-store comment cards as well as occasional surveys to ensure products and services are meeting customers’ expectations.