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Circuit Fitness Importing

Web Plan Summary

A website will be developed as a sales and marketing tool for the Esercitazione Diritta products. While the parent company has a nice Flash-based website that provides a general overview of the technology, the site is geared more toward individual consumers (fitness users). Circuit Fitness Importing will be developing a website that is more technical in nature with the target audience being distributors or the procurement department of a large fitness club. The expense of the website has been listed as a start-up expense.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The marketing of the website will be primarily based on inclusion of the URL in all printed material. Because the audience of Esercitazione Diritta equipment is fairly specialized, the most efficient means for marketing the site will be working specifically with the intended customers and pointing them to the site. Circuit Fitness Importing will submit the website to the various search engines.

6.2 Development Requirements

A Computer Science Student at Portland State University will be used for the design and development of the site.