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Circuit Fitness Importing


Esercitazione Diritta is a new and unique type of strength training fitness equipment. Unlike all other strength fitness equipment where you sit when you are doing your exercise, Esercitazione Diritta (Exercise Standing), as the name implies, has the user stand. Standing while doing exercises has many advantages.

  • Develops a proper equilibrium with the central nervous system. This is accomplished because in addition to the user having to develop force to move the specific weight exercise, a standing posture must be maintained while exerting the force.
  • In addition to working the specific muscle group, the lower body is being strengthened by having to use muscles to stand.
  • Esercitazione Diritta replicates natural movements which are made throughout our daily life. 
  • Forcing the user to stand to perform the strength exercise enters the component of cardio into the workout.

All of the Esercitazione Diritta machines are commercial quality, crafted in Italy of the highest grade steels. In addition to being made to handle constant use, they have casters, allowing them to be easily moved anywhere in the club. Esercitazione Diritta has machines for a wide variety of body zones and muscle groups including:

  • chest press– offers a choice of vertical or horizontal hand positions while the user performs forward extensions.
  • tractions– the handgrips of the station are brought down to shoulder height just in front of the shoulders.
  • shoulders– vertical lifts.
  • legs– distances may vary between the feet. This station can perform squats, abductions, kicking motions and flexions of the hip.
  • gluteus– while resting on the elbows and the arms, the user places the instep of one foot on the bar and pushes backwards.
  • rowing– all of the muscles in the upper back are testing while avoiding the overloading that is is often associated with free movement.
  • triceps– a variety of hand positions are possible to find the most natural movement.
  • arm curl– arm muscles flex upwards while the legs are positioned one in front of the other.

Esercitazione Diritta is organized into a circuit of machines. Within a 45 minute period, a user can efficiently and effectively use all of the machines in a circuit for a complete workout.

Wega has received multiple international patents on their unique Esercitazione Diritta system of standing while performing strength exercise. Esercitazione Diritta is currently distributed in Europe and the manufacturer is interested in distribution into the U.S. fitness market. Wega has requested a importation proposal in the form of a business plan to choose a sole U.S. distributor.

Max Peruggio, founder of Circuit Fitness Importing has been requested by Wega to submit a proposal for the creation of an exclusive U.S. importer of Esercitazione Diritta. Because of Max’s Italian heritage, language skills, and past importation experience Wega is very interested in working with Max and Circuit Fitness Importing. It sounds as if the “proposal,” this business plan is a mere formality due to the good match of Max’s skills and Wega’s need for an importer.