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Web Plan Summary

The World Wide Web is an extremely important asset to our business. By providing a storefront available to the entire world that is open 24 hours, we are able to reach unprecedented numbers of potential customers. This source of advertising will help us realize significant gains in both potential customers and revenue. 

We have developed our website to accomplish two missions. The first is to draw customers from out-of-state to our company for Professional Guiding. The second is to provide an online store where customers who can not visit our physical store may purchase Fishing and Hunting products. By giving people an online store, an easy method of purchase, and fair prices on items that they need or want, we can gain market share where we would never have known it even existed in the past. 

To entice people to reserve trips with us, to buy on our online store, and to convince them to visit us in person, we have developed the website to do several things at once when a customer visits the site:

  • Give the customer an initial impression of our store and our personality: This is a crucial part of selling ourselves. Our customers do not just buy from us because we have what they want or need.  They buy from us because they like us.
  • Look warm and inviting: The design of our website is meant to give a warm and rustic feeling to instill trust of our company, and keeps the customer on the page for as long as possible.
  • Be unique and look professional: While all websites share certain characteristics, we have attempted to keep a fresh look that is professional. Professional-looking websites instill trust, and generate sales.

After we have made our initial impression, we have convinced our visitor to stay on the site and look at what we have to offer. To keep the visitor browsing and convince them to either buy products or contact us to reserve a fishing trip, our site must do several things:

  • Be easy to navigate: We have made our site extremely easy to navigate with out excessive scrolling.  A visitor must be able to easily find their way around the site and to go directly to the information that they are seeking without having to think or search extensively. Most visitors give a site 10 to 15 seconds, or less, to find what they are looking for.  
  • Instill trust: Our website instills trust on several levels.  It looks professional, and is designed using warm, friendly colors and simple layout. We accept credit cards online, which shows our competence and tells customers that we are big enough to offer secure methods of payment. 
  • Offer all of the information a visitor is looking for: Information about all of our services is easy to find and complete. Visitors don’t search websites for information so that they can be told to call someone for more information.
  • Ask the visitor to act (call or buy): We provide plenty of opportunity for people to purchase products or contact us about our services without being pushy about it. Most people do not mind being led into a purchase or action, but resent being pushed into it. We believe that we have found the right balance. 
  • Come up on Search Engine Searches: Our site has been designed to be search engine compliant, and can be found at the top of most of the search engine results for searches conducted for our services.  When search engines search the Web for content, they have specific criteria that a site has to meet for the site to be found and display in a search.  This is extremely important for ranking purposes. 

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our website is geared to the casual Internet user who is looking for us, or more precisely, looking for information about fishing and hunting in our state, or about products and services we offer.  This gives us several marketing strategies to use to put our website and name in front of as many people as possible. 

  1. We will constantly upgrade our website and keep it search engine compliant so that it stays in the top rankings for our industry.
  2. We will exchange links with as many other same-industry websites as possible, who are not in direct competition with our shop. 
  3. We will put our Web address/link on as many state commerce-oriented sites as possible. This enables us to link our site with 2 to 3 state-sponsored sites, and several privately-sponsored sites as well, thereby doubling or tripling (or more) the chances of someone seeing the site.
  4. We will advertise on the search engines.  This is an extremely effective method of advertisement wherein we pay a certain amount for each visitor that comes to our site from a particular search engine. The search engine, in exchange, puts our site at the top of the list, or in some cases in a special box that draws attention.

6.2 Development Requirements

The website will be developed in house by the business owner. Costs will be kept to a minimum and the only projected expenses will be the cost of having the site hosted on a server, and those costs usually associated with accepting credit cards online. The site should be mostly completed and online by the closing date of the business sale.