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Machinery & Hardware icon Fire Rescue E-commerce Business Plan

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FireRescue Depot

Web Plan Summary

FireRescue will develop a website for both information and sales. Due to the geographic dispersion of potential customers, the website will serve as the main sales tool. In addition to placing an order on line, customers may call in orders. All available products will be featured on the website along with pertinent information. Product comparisons between the different manufacturers’ products will also be available on the site. Ease of use will be one of the primary design goals of the site allowing customers to easily and quickly navigate around the site, finding the information that they are seeking.

Website Marketing Strategy

FireRescue Depot will employ two different strategies for marketing the website. The first strategy is using a prominent display of the web address in all business literature, e.g. stationery, business cards, advertisements, etc. Anytime someone makes a purchase from FireRescue Depot the website will be advertised. The second method is through paid and non-paid placements in search engines. The paid aspect is “pay per click” in which FireRescue Depot is charged a small fee every time someone clicks through from an advertisement on a search engine page to the site. The non-paid method will be submission of the URL to all major search engines so that FireRescue Depot will show up when a prospective customer is searching for fire/rescue equipment.

Development Requirements

The website will require one full-time programmer to design and develop the site. By networking with the University of Chicago Computer Science Department FireRescue Depot will hire a graduate student who can devote a lot of time to the site.