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FireRescue Depot


FireRescue Depot sells fire and rescue hydraulic tools. These tools are the primary devices that fire and search and rescue departments use for car accidents, logging accidents, structural failures and other types of destruction. FireRescue Depot offers an impressive list of different manufacturers allowing the customer to choose the tool that best serves their needs. The main product categories are as follows:

  • Rams are used for punching, pulling, shoring, stabilizing, or supporting. With up to 15,000 pounds of punching force, they can easily displace a dashboard, move a steering column, or stabilize a vehicle. Various sizes are sold.
  • Cutters provide maximum cutting force and flexibility. A wide range of cutters is offered, from 20,000 to 94,000 pounds of pressure. The different models come in a variety of sizes, jaw designs, and shapes.
  • Spreaders separate a variety of materials including metal, mass timber, etc. Various models offer a range of spreading distance (24-40 inches) and a range of spreading force (19,000 – 37,000 pounds).
  • Combination tools mate cutters and spreaders into one tool. These are quite useful when you need to move metal and have the cutting power necessary for quick responses.

FireRescue Depot is differentiated from the competition by offering a wide selection from several manufacturers. Some of the represented manufacturers are:

  • Hurst
  • Rescue 42
  • Ottawa River Fire Equipment
  • Champion Rescue Tools
  • Phoenix Rescue Equipment