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Green Investments


Green Investments is a financial service company that offers investment advice specifically for stocks. GI purchases fiscal performance research from Bear Stearns, one of the highest respected firms in the market. In addition to solid financial performance criteria, GI has developed a set of environmental markers by which it can analyze and grade the attractiveness of the environmental impact that a company has.

As mentioned earlier, the economic performance of a company is rated by the financial firm Bear Stearns. Green Investments purchases Bear Stearns research based on recognition that there is no value added to do this research. The confidence of the research is quite high because of the firm performing it. If Bear Stearns’ research or another firm of comparable quality was not available Green Investments would have to rethink the decision to farm out this research.

Green Investments has developed a comprehensive set of environmental markers for which a company and their environmental impact can be evaluated. The following areas are evaluated:

  • Energy usage
  • Water usage
  • Recycling program
  • Paper consumption and procurement
  • Chemical cleaning usage
  • Ground maintenance impact
  • Formal environmental policy
  • Recycling rate

All of the markers include current, next stage, and long run benchmarks.

Green Investments takes the list of recommended investments from Bear Stearns and then applies environmental marker criteria to narrow the list down. The result is a list of possible investments (stocks) that are recommended because of their fiscal and environmental performance. Green Investments attempts to make evaluations of companies in a wide range of sectors allowing the customer to make the choice as to what type of company/industry that they would like to invest in.

Green Investments’ service charge is similar to a typical brokerage fee system based on a percentage. While Green Investments is a bit more expensive than other standard financial services companies because of the additional research required, the variance is not that material, particularly to customers that want good performing stocks but only want to invest with environmentally sound companies.

Several recent well respected studies indicate that “green” stocks are not inherently under performing. Actually it is just the reverse, companies that make decisions with environmental considerations in mind generally perform better.