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Grizzly Bear Financial Managers


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Meghan will be offering public seminars on estate planning and financial planning in Portland once or twice a month.  These workshops will be have subsidized rates and encourage people to attend and learn as much information as possible.  These seminars will typically take place in a public building and offer a general discussion on the subject.  Meghan will caution people against solely using this information to make decisions.  Instead they will be encouraged to see a professional individually so they can better assess the customers needs.  The seminars will attempt to get these people to start thinking about their financial future.  These seminars are a very good, and efficient, way of introducing Meghan to new clients.

Meghan will also be doing a lot of networking to drum up business.  One outstanding source of networking is with her friends from her MBA program.  While everyone that went through the MBA program has a good educational foundation for financial management, most people do not do their own planning by themselves but are assisted by a specialist.  Meghan will be contacting her colleagues through social occassions as well as calling them, to keep in touch with them and offer her services if they are in need.  These two methods will accurately target the segmented populations and allow Meghan to build her client list.

Sales Plan

Grizzly Bear Financial Managers’ sales strategy will be to emphasize their competitive advantage of comprehensive research and product offerings.  This is likely to turn prospective clients into long-term customers because people are often cautious with their financial future and offering a comprehensive solution will likely allay their concerns because Grizzly Bear Financial Managers is willing to work extra hard to research all options. 

This approach takes a lot of time up front for Meghan, but the customers will recognize this effort and choose Grizzly Bear Financial Managers as their service provider.


Locations & Facilities

Class B office space in a small office suite in the South Waterfront area, below OHSU, along the river. 

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Successful launch
Jan 31, 2020
First quarter performance review
Apr 04, 2020
Second quarter performance review
July 11, 2020
Third quarter performance review
Oct 04, 2020
Annual performance review
Dec 13, 2020

Key Metrics

Our key metrics are: 

  1. # of customers per month 
  2. # of positive reviews and re-tweets 
  3. # of new customers coming in from phone inquiries 
  4. # of Facebook page views and website link shares